My Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, why do you continue to dress like the White man when he does not does dress like you?

Why continue to dress like the Arabs when they too do not dress like you?

Why dress Foreign when Foreigners do not dress like you or give a damn about how your Afrikan Ancestors dress ?

Do you know your today’s ways of sewing and dressing in your today’s White man’s world had nothing to do with your own AfrikaFashion which was once the world’s first and oldest forms of sewing and dressing and is the Mother of today’s Foreign Fashions to which you have become so dependent on, enslaved by and addicted to ?

Are you aware of the fact that your early Ancestors in the Belly of the White man never like the White man dressing them the White man’s ways rather than dressing themselves the AfrikaWay whenever they have the chance to do so among themselves and in secret ?

That is why among themselves, they never sew and dress Foreign but Continental Afrikan as their way of identifying themselves not as Photocopies of the White man but as full-fledged Continental Afrikans even in the White man’s chains.

For, they know, to dress Afrikan no matter where they are and how they arrive here, is to keep their link with the Continental AfrikaHomeland Intact, ALIVE and beneficial to them as Afrikans in thoughts, words and deeds.

Hence, the more the White man insists on rewarding them when they dress Western and punish them when they wear Afrikan attires, the more committed they become in keeping alive, no matter the cost, their Continental Afrika based Way of designing, sewing and dressing the AfrikaWay which does honor, justice and joy to their AfrikaPresence in the White man’s world .

In this way, they succeed in living in tune to the limitless Power and Benefit of sewing and dressing Continental Afrikan in rain or sunshine, which enables them to endure and survive the genocide of the White man against them.

And because their Continental Afrikan Culture of Sewing and Dressing Afrikan never fails to protect and empower your early Afrikan Ancestors, they have all the inner Strength, Power, Pride, Dignity and Awareness they need to say NO to the White man’s politics and policies of de-Afrikanizing them .

In this way, they were able to keep themselves ALIVE even in the White man’s Chains and without which you , my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters would not be born today in your beloved USA/Europe calling yourselves anything and everything EXCEPT AFRIKAN which has become the TABOO WORD for you to use let alone live.

This explains why, all over the world, all conscious human groups on Earth insist on their right to design, sew and wear their own clothes in their own Ancestral/Traditional ways to unify, empower, promote, strengthen and honor who and what they are as a people, unique and distinct from others.

Hence, the French dress French and not Japanese to affirm their Frenchness wherever they are

The British will never give up their right to dress British rather than Japanese, no matter the circumstances of life under which they find themselves.

White Americans will never give their right to dress Western no matter where they find themselves as their way of announcing their Western presence in life with class .

In the same way the Chinese, the Germans, Italians, Arabs, Jews, Portuguese, Russians, Koreans, Spanish etc will die to have their right to dress their Ancestral or Native ways instead of dressing Foreign ..

That is why, in USA and Europe today, the Italian American dresses Italian/Western and will never trade his/her right to do so with any other ways of dressing on Earth.

The Jewish American is known for his/her unique Jewish way he/she dresses and without which he/she will feel incomplete in life.

The Anglo-Saxon American will move Heaven and Earth to dress British/Western no matter his/her situation in life.

The Irish American, the Scottish American, the Arab American and so on are all proud to dress not Foreign but their own Native/Ancestral/Traditional ways to express and project to the world who and what they are in USA and to leave their unique marks on the World Fashion Map .

Hence, to the Jewish American, American/USA ways of dressing can only be Jewish-fashion-based and oriented.

To, the Anglo-American, USA/American ways of dressing can only mean Anglo-Saxon/British/Western ways of dressing and not Japanese, Chinese or Afrikan fashion based and oriented.

To the Italian American, Fashion in USA/America can only be Italian/Western fashion based and oriented.

The same thing applies to all other conscious cultural groups that constitute what we call USA/American Fashion industry today.

Why, because, all of them want their Native/original cultures represented at the Table of USA/American culture of Fashion/Ways of designing, sewing and dressing for all occasions and without which Fashion is no Fashion to them to accept let alone patronize, promote and be proud of .

Simply because, as far as they are concerned, they can only call USA Culture/Fashion their own only when it is their individual Native Cultures/Fashions based and oriented which reflect who and what they are in USA and Europe in which they see themselves in as distinct groups , coming together to make a WHOLE .

But when it comes to you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA and Europe today, everything was done and still being done to deprive you of your divine right to design, sew and dress in praise and honor of yourselves as a proud, conscious and free Afrikan in and outside USA.

Three hundred years of programming have turned you into the only human group on Earth without your own way of designing, sewing and dressing and which you are not even aware of .

While all other cultural groups in USA and Europe dress their Native ways, you have become the only human group in USA and Europe without your Native Continental Afrikan Culture of designing, sewing and dressing Afrikan.

Instead, you fight and die for the right to dress not Afrikan but Western or Arab or Jewish or Foreign but never Afrikan which you are programmed to be ignorant of, uprooted from and to be ashamed of as ? barbaric, archaic, foreign, alien to you ?

In your confusion, you proudly point to USA/American fashion or ways of designing, sewing and dressing as your ways of designing, sewing and dressing but which are nothing but slave/colonial/Western/White American based and oriented ways of designing , sewing and dressing imposed on you to promote not your Afrikan Concept and Practice of Fashion but Western/Foreign/Arab/Jewish concepts/practices of fashion on Earth.

In this way, the more you fool nobody but yourselves with the lie of USA fashion being your fashion without your AfrikaFashion based and oriented, the more isolated, uprooted , ignorant and Anti-AfrikaFahion and pro-Foreign Fashions you become in your White man’s world.

That is why you are secretly encouraged, applauded, praised and even rewarded by USA/Europe for preferring USA/Western fashions to your AfrikaFashion not because it will make you better and richer Afrikan , free from the domination, control and influence of the White man but because it turns you into a photocopy of those whose fashions you have become addicted to.

Also because, in your conditioned mind, Fashion is fashion for you to accept, honor, and promote only when it is Western/Arab/Jewish/Foreign based and oriented.

Anything AfrikaFashion is shun from , ridiculed and ashamed of to embrace, discover, claim and use for your pride and dignity .

That is why you never see anything wrong in becoming the only Human Group in USA whose AfrikaFashion is not included in your USA/American Fashions and for eagerly and zealously preferring the White man, White woman and White Child’s ways of designing , sewing and dressing which do not reflect or pay homage or do justice to who and what you are as Afrikan in USA.

In the same way, even when some of you proudly say your Fashion in USA/Europe is not Western/Foreign-based and oriented but African American or Afro/Black British or Afro/ Black French or Afro/Black Spanish or Afro/Black Portuguese-based and oriented, what you are truly saying to yourselves is that your Fashion is both Lion and Elephant which cannot be but can only either promote your Lionity or Elephanity at the same time but can never promote both at the same time since you can never be both LION and ELEPHANT at the same time , hence you cannot have LION ELEPHANT FASHION or anything in life as you seem to be doing in all spheres of life .

To claim or pretend to be both African and American is like the Lion or Elephant lying to themselves that they can be both LION and ELEPHANT at the same time which both the Lion and the Elephant have enough intelligence to know that it is not possible, that is why you never see the LION behaving, living and acting like the ELEPHANT and vice-versa even if they are all ANIMALS.

In other words, you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, the time has come for you to know, accept and believe the Truth that you are Afrikan in USA/Europe for you to live, think, act, talk and dress Afrikan from head to toe as the only way to set yourselves free, once and for all from the insult, the curse and the genocide of dressing Foreign instead of dressing Afrikan .

Any of your today’s American, USA, African American, Black, Black American and or Negro fashions are not your AfrikaFashion but slave/Western world based and oriented fashions that make you waste your precious lives , time, talent and resources to design, sew and dress in honor and praise of alien Ancestors and alien cultures that spit on your Continental Afrikan Ancestors and their Ways of life and dressing.

And yet, these Foreign/Alien fashions you cannot do without are nothing but THE VERSION OR IMITATION of your ANCIENT/TRADITIONAL AFRIKAFASHION from which all today’s Fashions originated and have their being .

Because, long, long ago, before the birth of these alien fashions, your Continental Afrikan Fashion was as the world’s first and oldest Human Fashion on Earth and Mother of today’s world fashions which include the very Western/Arabs/Jewish based fashions you are now enslaved to.

This means, it is not sign of progress or change for you to continue to prefer the VERSION OR THE IMITATION OF FOREIGN FASHIONS TO THE ORIGINAL OF YOUR AFRIKAFASHION or their hell to your Heaven .

Hence, to recover your AfrikaWay of designing, sewing and dressing the AfrikaWay for all Occasions including Office , Sports, Military etc Wears, is to reconnect yourselves back to your Continental AfrikaRoot, Heritage and Power.

For, to dress Afrikan is to confer on yourselves , the right to think, create, invent, design, sew and dress in honor of yourselves as Afrikan on Earth.

To dress Afrikan from head to toe all the time and everywhere is to announce your Royal AfrikaPresence with grace and class, win respect and admiration from others and be proud of your Ingenuity and Creativity and obtain the blessings, protection, and praise from your Continental Afrikan Ancestors in whose honor you will dress for the benefit of all.

If the French, the British, the Italians, and so on can only dress in their own ways, you too must and should dress your own way as Afrikan on Earth.

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d’Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d’Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L’ I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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By: Prof Afrikadzata Deku.


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