By (c) 2012 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d’Etat; Doctorat d’Etat (PhD); [email protected];

My Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in White USA, are you aware that your today’s ideologies you are defending and promoting with all your might in the White man’s controlled world are not your ideologies but alien ideologies imposed on you to make you forget your own Continental Afrikan Ideology of AfrikaFidodo or Continental Afrikanism on Earth?

Do you know that your today’s ideologies you hail as your liberator in the White man’s world exist to rob you of your divine right, duty, mission and responsibility to develop, have, own , practice and benefit daily from your own Afrikan based and oriented Ideology as others have successfully done for their benefit?

Are you aware that the Ideology of your Continental Afrikan Ancestors who were brought here in the White man’s chains was and is still not any of the today’s slave, colonial, and neo-colonial ideologies that you are programmed to refer to as the only ideologies that matter to you on Earth?

As the world’s first and oldest ideology on Earth and Mother of today’s world ideologies, your Ancient Continental Afrikan Ideology of Afrika Communalism or Fidodo kept your Afrikan Ancestors united, empowered, liberated, developed, rich, protected and safe for more than three million years in Ancient Term and ten thousand years in Modern Term.

This means, long, before the birth of the White man’s ideology of capitalism, materialism, socialism or communism on which you are now dependent, enslaved by and addicted to in your self-ignorance, your Continental Afrikan Ideology of Communalism or Fidodo, was the one and only fuel or petrol that successfully ran the engine of Humanity’s life in Ancient Afrika.

All because, your Ancestors know Continental Afrikan-based and oriented Ideology for all Continental Afrikans to use for their benefit is as crucial and indispensable as Western ideology for Western world and people or Chinese ideology for the Chinese and Japanese ideology for all Japanese to practice for their benefit.

That is why, all over the world, every conscious human group on Earth, makes sure it develops its own ideology that is based on its history and culture for the satisfaction of its needs and interests in life.

That is why, until the White man came to the world scene as a force to reckon with some 500 years ago, as a Greek power which because Roman power, then Spanish power, Portuguese power, British power, French power, German power and now as USA power, not less than ninety-five percent of the world or humanity knew and practiced only Ancient Afrikan Ideology which we now call Continental Afrikan Ideology or Communalism or Fidodo.

This was so because, Humanity originated from Continental Afrika as the Cradle or Birthplace of Humanity and as such lived and practiced Ancient Continental Afrika-based and oriented Ideology of Fidodo or Communalism in one form or another from the birth of Humanity in Afrika 3 million years ago to 500 years ago when the White man began to conquer, dominate, control, influence and disconnect or uproot the rest of Humanity from Continental Afrika-based and oriented Culture, Values and Ideology to a Judeo/Western/White/Caucasian-based and oriented ways of life that reached its zenith/climax in the 20th century when the White man via USA power has finally ascended through the use of his guns, armed robbery and bribery , the world’s throne of super power-ness based on the Material power of money, things and military might .

And since them, the world’s ideology of Ancient Afrikan Communalism saw itself replaced gradually by the White man’s created, White man-centered and controlled ideologies of Aristocracy which became Bourgeoisie, then, Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism and now back to Capitalism/Materialism after the defeat and death of Communism and Socialism by Capitalist Forces led by Capitalist USA/Europe.

With the demise of the world’s chief promoter of communism called the Soviet Union through the world’s chief promoter of capitalism known as USA, today’s world is no longer forced, by the two super powers to choose between the two ideologies they promote throughout the world for their own benefit instead of the benefits of all People on earth .

So, today, the only ideology that counts on Earth, we are told, is not socialism/communism which we are told is dead and buried never to resurrect again but USA/Western/White American style capitalism which strives desperately to replace humanity’s original Ancient and Traditional Continental Afrikan based and oriented Ideology of Weism Or communalism or Fidodo with I-Me-Myself ideology of life to embrace for its benefit.

In this way, more and more USA people including you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA and Europe and elsewhere have become more and more programmed to live and die for the ?I? the individual? or the ego rather than live and die for the ?We? or the Collectivity which capitalism rejects and condemns as anti-freedom.

Hence, it is no longer a shame to be called a capitalist but an honor while the socialist/communist of yesterday is now ashamed to refer to himself/herself as such for fear of losing favor from the Almighty King Dollar of today’s only world super power on Earth.

However, as a Western/White/Caucasian-based and oriented ideology, capitalism, in spite of all of its sea of blood , sweat and tears , has certainly been good if not excellent for the Western/White world and people.

But to you, my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA and Europe and elsewhere, the White man’s ideology of capitalism is your death sentence if not a genocide.

It is everything we Continental/Diaspora Afrikans are not and never be.

All because, the ?I? based and oriented ideology of capitalism destroys and kills the ?We? based and oriented Philosophy of our Continental Afrikan ideology of Afrika Weism or Communalism or Fidodo .

As ?We? based and oriented people, Continental Afrikans, especially your Ancient ones, avoided totally the ?I? based ideology of capitalism as Selfish, egocentric and greedy and completely anti-Afrikan, anti-We, anti-Collectivity and anti-Afrikan Ideology of Afrikan WEISM , Culture, Values and History.

That is why, your Afrikan Ancestors consider capitalism to be basically a selfish ideology that turns its practitioners/believers into the world’s most selfish, egocentric and greedy human beings who have ever lived on Earth, who live and die for nothing but money, profit, and material things.

And the more they have them, the more they want them and the less time they have to enjoy them and the more they worry themselves to death for fear of sharing or losing their material things which they often have little or no time in enjoying.

Hence, to your Ancient Continental Afrikan Ancestors, it does not make any sense for them or any sensible human beings to prefer a capitalist or selfish way of life and being to a Communal Way of life and Beingness.

All because capitalism says you alone matter , nothing else matters, which is nothing but a lie because the ?I? is only a part of a Whole and never the Whole.

And since, the parts of a body can never be more than the whole or the body, it stands to reason that the whole or the body or the collectivity in any given society/race/human group on Earth is greater, bigger and more powerful than any of it parts.

Hence, to live for only the ?I? is to never to live but perpetually survive in the hell of perpetual self-ignorance, selfishness, greed, fear, anxiety, and worry.

And since no one ?I? in life is an island, to practice ?I? based-ideology of capitalism is to disconnect or uproot yourself from the limitless power and benefit of the greater Whole or the Collectivity.

Hence, to be a capitalist is to limit yourself to a short-lived, limited , partial and empty , restless and insecure power and ways of life that are mostly material or things or money-based and oriented.

And also because, capitalism is plagued with all kinds of restlessness, stress and chronic fear, anxiety, worry due to the eternal need of the capitalist to compete, struggle, fight, win, grab, have, keep, profit, increase, accumulate, at all cost and by any means necessary, more and more money/material things .

That is why your Ancient and Traditional Afrikans never practice capitalism because of its evil motto of Material Heaven for the Few and Material Heaven for the Many no matter how hard they sweat and die in life.

This explains why, even in chains and in the belly of the crocodile of White USA, your early Afrikan Ancestors practiced not capitalist but communalist way of life as did their Ancient and Traditional Continental Afrikan brothers and sisters they left behind.

Afrikan Communalism or Fidodo because it is not an alien ideology to them like capitalism.

And also because it enables them to pull their resources together as one Afrikan people in the White man’s chains.

Instead of fighting each other and pulling each other down for the White man to conquer and reign over, they cooperated secretly among themselves for the things they need and want to survive and without whom, you my today’s Afrikan sisters

and brothers in USA and Europe will not be born here today to prefer the Hell of the White man’s ideologies to the Heaven of your own Afrikan Ideology of Weism.

In other words, to say No to capitalism is to say Yes to Communalism or Fidodo as your Ancestral Afrikan ideology that connects you to your Afrikan Ancestors for their daily empowerment, protection, guidance, blessings and freedom from turning yourselves into invisible slaves or photocopies of the White Man or the Arab or the Jew of today .

That means, your urgent recovery of your own Afrikan Ideology is the only Ideology on Earth which is Continental Afrika-based and oriented and designed specifically to awaken, unify, empower, liberate, develop, enrich, protect and defend all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans against the genocide of preferring alien/slave ideologies to your own Afrikan Ideology you know nothing of and which you are now invited or called upon to rediscover, claim, develop, practice and benefit from

And also because, it is the only Ideology on Earth that is capable of bringing together, mobilizing and motivating from inside out , all today’s One Billion Continental/Diaspora Afrikans to unify , empower, liberate, develop, protect, defend and protect the Richest Continental Afrika for their Benefit as the Owners and Beneficiaries of Continental Afrika’s Untold Riches and Resources .

Hence, to recover, practise and benefit daily from your Afrikan ideology of Weism is to be free forever from the Hell of I-Me-Myself ideology of life.

In this way, you learn and master once and for all, how to share rather than accumulate, cooperate rather than fight each other, live in Heaven on Earth rather than survive perpetually in the hell of selfishness, greed, and short-lived, limited and partial power and pleasures and happiness which turn capitalists into the world’s most empty, restless, frightened, and unhappy people on Earth.

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d’Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d’Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L’ I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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By: Prof Afrikadzata Deku.

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