My Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in the White man’s world, what has become of your Ancient Continental Afrika-based and oriented Philosophy of life invented and practiced by your Ancient Afrikan Ancestors you know little or nothing of?

Do you know your today’s Philosophy of life you cherish so much is not your Philosophy but the White man’s Philosophy imposed on you to rob you of all knowledge, power and benefit of your Continental Afrikan Philosophy of Afrikacentricity?

Are you aware of the fact that your today’s Western-created, based, oriented , dominated and controlled Philosophy of life is not the same Philosophy practiced by your Afrikan Ancestors in White man’s chains in USA/America?

Without their daily attunement to the limitless Power, Glory, and Pride of their Afrikan Philosophy of Continental Afrikanism or Afrikacentricity which enables them to know, accept, love, respect, and trust themselves as freer, proud and strong Continental Afrikans in Thoughts, Words and Deeds even in the White man’s chains.

Your Afrikan Ancestors in the Belly of the White man could never have survived without their Authentic Afrikan Philosophy of Life which enables them to never prefer the White man or anybody’s else to who they are as Afrikans in the White Man’s Chain or world .

And without your Afrikan Ancestors in USA, you would not be born today here as everything except calling yourselves everything except being Afrikans in USA and Europe .

In all their endless trials and tribulations, most of your Afrikan Ancestors in USA and Europe never forgot what life is all about, who they were, where they came from, why they are here in the White man’s chains and why they consider their hellish condition as temporary and that sooner or later, they know, they will find a way out of their present genocide condition of life.

Hence, even when the sky seems to be falling on them, they never lose hope because they always believe in themselves, that sooner or later, they will be free again as Continental Afrikans in life.

All because, your early Afrikan Ancestors in USA and Europe and Europe, like their Continental Afrikan Ancestors back Home, know and are convinced of the fact that life is basically Good or bad, Heaven or hell in accordance with what they individually and collectively make of it as Afrikans and not as photocopies of the White Man .

That is why, as far as they are concerned, Life, in the long run will be good to them because they are good to life, even in their White man’s chains.

Also because they know and are convinced of the fact that Life is AFRIKAMAWU-created, AFRIKAMAWU-centered, AFRIKAMAWU-oriented and AFRIKAMAWU-based and as such, their Goodness in Life can and will set them free from the White Man’s chains of Evil they have found themselves in through no fault of theirs .

And as such, they have given themselves the right, power, mission and responsibility not only to study, know and understand who they are as Afrikans but also to know and apply daily, the Eternal Natural or Divine Principles of their Creator AFRIKAMAWU which govern Life in all its totality and might,.

In that way, they succeed in making sure they live daily in tune to all the Positive Principles of life which they are dedicated to in mastering and using positively for the benefit of all forms of life on Earth.

That is why the White man’s Philosophy of life is not the same as the Afrikan Philosophy of life.

In fact, they are poles apart. Hence, to try to replace your Ancient Afrikan Philosophy of life with the White man’s Philosophy of life is to commit suicide as an Afrikan.

Because, the White man’s Philosophy is good if not excellent for the White man because it fits and agrees with today’s White man’s nature, character and his concept and outlook of life which is primarily material/flesh-based and oriented.

Because, to the White man in general, the purpose of life is to live and die for their I-ME-MYSELF Philosophy of life based on excessive individualism and on more and more accumulation and consumption of Material things .

But since Materialism or Material ways of life can only offer the White man, short-lived, partial and fleeting happiness, it stands to reason that he ends up being the world’s most materialistic, selfish, greedy, restless, empty, unhappy, unfulfilled, and dissatisfied human being in life in his man-made paradise of material wealth and possessions.

In this way, Life, to the White man becomes perpetual struggle, fighting, and grabbing this or that in life for himself.

And the more he grabs what belongs to all, the more he wants it and the more time he spends chasing all the material things he can accumulate as the measure of his importance or success in life, the less time he ends up having in enjoying what he spends so much time chasing .

And as long as his I-Me-Myself has it all , the rest of the world can go to hell or suffer and die in object poverty or beg for or live on his crumbs, leftovers and surpluses he programs others to hail and die for as ? development, progress, success ? in life .

But to your Ancient Continental Afrikans, Life is more than living and dying for things.

Hence, to them, a Material/Flesh-based-and-controlled Life is no life but a wasted or empty Life to have or live .

That is why, they make sure, they know and understand the deeper side of Life which the Material/Flesh cannot see, understand or know let alone practise for their own good .

That is why your Afrikan Ancestors are able to know the meaning of Life, its purpose, its origin, its objectives and how to positively stay attuned to it as part and parcel of Creation.

This means, to the bulk of your Afrikan Ancestors, they are here to live in peace and harmony with Life and the rest of creation.

It also, means, Life is precious and sacred to have, protect and defend at all times by the collectivity.

This explains why Life, to your Continental Afrikan Ancestors, is as eternal as its Creator AFRIKAMAWU.

Hence, Life here on Earth is but a Stage to the next Stage of Life.

In this way, death is not considered as the end of life but as the means to moving on to the Next Level or Phase of our Spirit , Ancestral and Divine Plane of Existence our Goodness is able to take us to.

That is why in Ancient Continental Afrika, suicide was unknown because our people revered life so much that they would not take their lives.

This is so because, to your Ancestors, we are Life and Life is made of all forms of Life which makes us all part of life as the Divine Spirit in manifestation here on earth or as Divine Spirit in Human Flesh made in the Holy, Sacred and Divine Image of our Creator AFRIKAMAWU whose Eternal and Immortal Spirit, Power and Energy dwell, sustain and animate us as LIFE in all its Forms, Shapes and Varieties .

This means, before we assume our present Visible or Physical Human, Animal, Bird, Fish, Plant and Stone Form or Being here on earth, we were all Invisible, Eternal, Immortal Divine Spirit in tune to the Universal Eternal Spirit, Energy and Power of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU known as Dieu to the French, God to the British, Adonai to the Jews, Allah to the Arabs and today as AFRIKAMAWU to all today’s One billion Continental/Diaspora Afrikans/Islanders for them to rediscover, recover, reclaim, believe in, accept, trust and live in tune to for their salvation on earth .

Hence, as Spirit Beings on vacation on earth as Physical Beings and in harmony with the Eternal Universal Principles upon which Life is based, we decide, on our own accord, to come on Earth and be born into the physical Life Form or Shape we want and need to fulfill the specific Life Mission which brings each one of us here to either fulfill or betray.

If, we are wise enough to lead a Spirit-based life on Earth, we shall have all the Inner Divine, Spirit, and Mind Power we need to fulfill in peace and harmony in life, our Life’s Mission or Purpose which brought us here in the first place to fulfill only if we live in tune to it and have not allowed the distraction of the material world disconnect or uproot us from or keep us ignorant of .

This will automatically and naturally qualify and entitle us to either go back to our Divine and Spirit Source in AFRIKAMAWU from whom we came and for us to become AFRIKAMAWU’s Guardian Angels to help, guide and protect those on Earth who are discovering their Life Mission on Earth or who are accomplishing their life’s Mission on Earth and those who have successfully accomplished their Life Mission for which they are here .

But on the other hand, if we fail to find out, discover, know, and accomplish our life mission on Earth, our Spirit, after death, cannot go back to his/her Divine/Spirit Source in AFRIKAMAWU .

But instead, he/she has to be reborn again and again until his/her life mission is recognized, accepted and successfully accomplished for the benefit of all life on Earth.

And the surest way for any person to miss out on his/her life mission on Earth is when the person lives and dies for material things that he/she cannot take along with himself/herself when he/she dies.

His obsession for money and its short-lived pleasures is the surest way of forgetting to live and die for Spirit-based priceless Riches which money cannot buy and which last forever and which really matter on Earth like Honesty, Goodness, Kindness, Sharing, Sincerity, Peace, Harmony and the like.

Because when you die, they alone will follow you to the next world as testimony and witness to the selfless, loving, sharing, just, generous , clean and praise worthy life you live on Earth which does great honor to your Creator AFRIKAMAWU, your Continental Afrikan Saints an your Holy Afrikan Holy Spirit within you and in all Creation .

That is why your Ancient Continental Afrikans and your early Afrikan Ancestors in USA and Europe never allow the illusion and the mirage of money and its material paradise to blindfold them and to make them forget their real purpose on Earth, not as Flesh/Material Beings but as Spirit and Divine beings in human flesh.

That is why , most of them don’t live for money/material wealth let alone its accumulation but live for Life and not things, they live for sharing and not hoarding, they live for one another in which the Headache of one is the Headache of all and the Happiness of one is the Happiness of all based on their Ancient Afrikan Philosophy of ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE .

Far from seeing material wealth as the wealth of all wealth or as the only wealth there is to adore and worship, they see it as nothing or useless without a Spiritual Base and Purpose which enable them to know once and for all that Money and its material things are not the only Wealth there is and that the purpose of Wealth of all kinds is to share it to have it and to enjoy it and use it not only for the benefit of the Few but for the Betterment of all Forms of Life or Creation .

And since, you my Afrikan sisters and brothers in USA and Europe can only achieve and benefit from the power of your own Afrikan Philosophy of life which is Spirit-based Wealth in a Spirit-based and oriented World, it stands to reason that the more you stay in the White man’s material-based world, the more spiritually you starve yourself to death.

Hence, only your own created and controlled Afrikan Philosophy of Life of WEISM and not I-ME-MYSELF Philosophy of life is bound and destined to empower and set you free from the invisible genocide of living and dying for things rather than living and dying for life.

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d’Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d’Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L’ I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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By: Prof Afrikadzata Deku.

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