By (c) 2012 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d’Etat; Doctorat d’Etat (PhD); [email protected];

My Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, do you know all of your today’s Foreign-based and oriented religions you call your own are not and can never be your original and natural/Native Afrikan Religion of your Creator AFRIKAMAWU , through your Continental Afrikan Saints and in Harmony with your Holy Afrikan Spirit Within you and in all Creation but of which you know nothing and don’t want to know anything about ?

All your today’s religions you boast of as your own are nothing but Foreign-created, Foreign-based, Foreign-oriented, Foreign-financed , Supported and Controlled religions which have been imposed on you to uproot you from and keep you disconnected, ignorant and dead to all your Sacred Continental Afrika-based and oriented Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Base, Framework, Definition, Concept, Practice , Knowledge, Mastery, Understanding, Appreciation, Power and Benefit of your One and Only Continental Afrikan Religion of AFRIKAMAWU, your Creator whom you know nothing of.

All your various religions you die to have today as your own are nothing but Foreign-created, based, oriented and controlled religions which exist to promote, defend, and satisfy not Afrikan but Jewish, Arab and Western religious concepts, definitions and practices of the Creator, Religion and the After Life in your today’s Foreignized or de-Afrikanized worlds you call your own .

The White Man’s religion you have been programmed to hail and die for as Christianity of which you have become so dependent on, enslaved by and addicted to is not your Afrikan but Western-dominated and controlled religion used by the West , past and present, to Westernize or de-Afrikanize or Foreignize you in the name of their Western deity they call ?God or Dieu.?

In the same way, the Arab religion of Islam some of you have also been programmed to become so dependent on, enslaved by and addicted to is not your Afrikan but Arab dominated and controlled religion used by the Arab , past and present, to Arabanize or de-Afrikanize or Foreignize you in the name of their Arab deity they call ?Allah?

Likewise, the Oriental religions or sects some of you cannot do without too or prefer to the lies of Christianity and Islam are also not your Afrikan but Eastern-religion based , dominated and controlled religion which also exists to promote not your Afrikan but Oriental or Eastern concepts and practices of the Creator, Religion and the After Life as well as to keep you ignorant of and uprooted from all knowledge, power and benefits of your Creator AFRIKAMAWU whose Holy and Sacred and Divine Images you are made of but are not aware of .

In other words, none of your today’s Christianity, Islam, Bahai, Eckankar , Buddhism or Hinduism which you have been thoroughly conditioned to accept, love, cherish, respect, trust, believe and practice as your own with all your heart can never be your religion no matter what you are told, because, all of them are but versions of your Original, world’s first and Ancient Continental Afrikan Religion of AFRIKAMAWU, your Creator, from which they originated which also includes Judaism.

Simply because, long and long before the birth of any of your today’s alien religions, there was only Afrikanity or Continental Afrikan Religion as the world’s First Religion of Humanity and the world first and oldest religion on Earth and the Mother of today’s world religions.

This means, without the Continental Afrikan Religion or Afrikanity of your Creator AFRIKAMAWU, there will not be what we call today Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Eckankar , Bahai, Buddhism and Hinduism for you to become obsessed with .

Hence, to prefer the hell of alien religions to the Heaven of your Continental Afrikan Religion is to prefer the version to the Original, the shadow to the Substance, the chaff to the Grain, the student to the Master Teacher or the child to the Mother and Father which can only lead you to more and more religious colonialism, alienation, ignorance, up-rootment , misery and death .

That is why your Islam today is not and cannot be your Afrikanity because it exists solely to promote not Afrikan but Arab concept of the Creator and which robs you of your Divine Right to your own Divine Continental Afrikan Concept and Practices of the Creator.

That is why, to become a believer or follower or practitioner of the Arab religion you call Islam , you have to address the Creator with the Arab word of ?Allah,? speak to the Creator only in Arab language, read their Arab Bible you are programmed to call Koran only in Arab language, pray to the Creator only in Arab way, dress Arab, bear Arab names, live like an Arab, think, speak and act like an Arab before you can be accepted as a Moslem or practitioner of Islam.

Hence, the more you follow or practise the Arab religion of Islam as a Moslem, the more photocopy of the Arab you turn yourself into and the less Continental Afrikan you become, which is not what we want in life as Continental Afrikans.

In the same way, your today’s Christianity you swear Heaven and Earth to prove that it is not a Foreign religion but your Afrikan or Black religion is also not and can never be your Continental Afrikan Religion or Afrikanity of your Creator AFRIKAMAWU because, like Islam, it is also Western-hijacked, dominated and controlled religion that exists purposely to promote, defend and satisfy not Afrikan but Judeo/Western concepts and practices of the Creator which automatically robs us of our Divine Right to have and benefit form our own Continental Afrikan Divine Concept and Practices of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU.

That is why, to become a Christian is to be educated the Western rather than Afrikan way, dress Western rather than Afrikan, bear Judeo/Western names rather than Afrikan names, worship a ?White? Creator or instead of AFRIKAMAWU whose Holy image we are made of as Continental Afrikans, pray to Judeo/Western Ancestors instead of our Continental Afrikan Saints, call a Jewish Prophet Jesus of Nazareth as your Savior rather than our own Continental Afrikan Savior, believe in the Judeo/Western concept of the Creator as being in Heaven in the shy rather Continental Afrikan Concept of the Creator as being everywhere and in everything, refer to the Creator in Foreign/alien languages as ?Dieu,? or ?God? or ?Jehovah? rather than in our Continental Afrikan Name of AFRIKAMAWU, believe in the lie that the Creator is outside you to go to in the sky when you die rather than within you , everywhere and in all Creation for you to live in tune to and access anytime and anywhere, believe yourself to be a born sinner whose sin can only be forgiven not by the offended but by Jesus to whom you must pray without ceasing for forgiveness of your sins rather than only the offended can forgive the offender of his/her offense, read Judeo/Western Bible rather than your Continental Afrikan Bible of AFRIKAMAWU .

Hence, the more uprooted you become from your Continental Afrikan Concept and Practice of the Creator, Religion, Life and Death, the Bible, Heaven and Hell, Perfection, Sin, and so on, the more dead or blind or lost you become religiously.

Likewise, your today’s oriented religions too are not and cannot be your Continental Afrikan Religion of AFRIKAMAWU also because, though they liberate you from the hell of Judeo/Western and Arab religions, they too exist purposely to turn you not into Afrikan but into a Buddhist, Hinduism, or Bahai or Eckankar.

In this way, you are programmed to accept, believe, and follow their alien/Eastern/oriented concepts and practices of the Creator as the surest way of preventing you from knowing, experience, accepting, believing and following our Continental Afrikan Concept and Practices of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU and without which no religion is a religion to us.

That is why, your today’s African American churches in USA and Europe which you value so much cannot also be your Afrikan religion because it is not Continental Afrika based and oriented religion but Western-oriented, dominated and controlled.

And also, because your Afrikan religion as the Religion of your Continental Afrikan Ancestors cannot be both ?Afrikan? and ?American? at the same time but Afrikan in Origin, Goals, Objectives and Strategy.

In the same way, your Black or Black American churches of which you are so proud are also not your religion but alien/foreign/slave/Western/White American based and oriented Judeo/Western and Arab concepts and practices of religion.

Likewise, your Negro religion or churches in the White man’s world are also not your religion because they too are not Continental Afrika based and oriented.

In the same vein, your today’s Nation of Islam you hail as your Savior from the hell of the White man’s religion of Christianity too can never be your religion but a photocopy of Arab religion of Islam.

And also because Nation of Islam is not the same thing as Nation of Afrika from which you descend and without which any of you will be born today in USA/America.

Hence, to work for ?Islam? is to work for the Arabanization of the Afrikan which is not what we want in life.

But to work for the Nation of Afrika instead of the Nation of Islam or Western style Nation-states and governments is to recover our Continental Afrikan Homeland from the Hell of today’s French weeds, British weeds, Portuguese weeds, Spanish weeds and White American weeds kept alive to choke to death our Glorious Continental AfrikaLand for their guaranteed profit and our guaranteed loss as uprooted and self-ignorant Afrikan in USA.

In other words, Continental Afrikan Religion for all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans is the Divine or Natural or Inborn Right and Sacred Duty, Mission and Responsibility for all Reborn, Awakened and Mentally liberated Continental/Diaspora Afrikans to unearth, recover, reclaim, develop, live in tune to, practise, affirm, exercise, promote , defend and benefit from daily as Continental Afrikans in Thoughts, Words and Deeds.

If the majority of today’s Arabs can give themselves the right to create and promote their own Arab-created, Arab-based and oriented and Arab-controlled religion they call Islam, Continental Afrikans too have the same Right, Duty, Mission and Responsibility to recover, own, control and practice their own Continental Afrika-based and oriented Religion of our Creator AFRIKAMAWU .

Likewise, if majority of today’s Jews would not honor any other religion on Earth except their Jewish religion of Judaism to serve and defend their Jewish needs and interests in the world as Jews, Continental/Diaspora Afrikans too have no choice but to recover , practice, defend and promote their own Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikan Religion of our Continental Afrikan Ancestral Saints for their own benefit as Afrikans from head to toe.

In the same way, if the majority of Western/White powers and people would go to the extent of hijacking a Jewish religion of Christianity (that most Jews have rejected ) to promote their Judeo-Western concepts and practices of the Creator and Religion on earth and hereafter, it stands to reason that Continental/Diaspora Afrikans can and must also claim their Right to their own created and controlled religion of Afrikanity to promote their Ancient Afrikan concept and practice of the Creator, Religion, Faith and the After life in the AfrikaWay and for the benefit of all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans/Islanders.

This means, we can only say a big No to all our today’s alien/slave or Anti-Afrikan religions and a big YES to our own Continental Afrikan Religion because it is Continental Afrika-based and oriented Religion which alone is capable of bringing us together and unify, empower, liberate, develop, enrich, protect, and defend us as Continental Afrikans which none of today’s alien/foreign religions can offer us.

Also, because only Afrikanity can link or connect all today’s one billion Continental/Diaspora Afrikans to the Power and Security our own Creator AFRIKAMAWU whose Holy image we are made of to daily live in tune to through our Continental Afrikan Saints as AFRIKAMAWU Angels to protect, guide and bless us in life and in Harmony with our own Holy Afrikan Spirit within us which links us to the rest of Creation for us to live in peace and harmony with and with our own AFRIKAMAWU-based, revealed and inspired Holy AfrikaBible for our Inner Enlightenment and our Continental Afrikan Concept and Practices of the Creator and Religion for us to master for our needs on Earth as Divine Spirit in the Human Flesh or as a Micro of the Macro or the Spirit of our Creator AFRIKAMAWU manifested here below ..

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d’Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d’Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L’ I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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By: Prof Afrikadzata Deku.

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