My Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, do you know you are ninety-percent Spirit Beings and only ten percent Flesh, Ninety percent Invisible and only ten percent Visible, ninety percent Immortal and only ten percent Mortal with ninety-percent Spirit, Divine, Mental-based Power and only ten percent Flesh-Body-based Power on Earth for your use or misuse for the life you deserve and are entitled to here and after?

Do you know your today’s Flesh/Body/Material-based and controlled World of the White Man you now live in and are programmed to call your home is not and can never be the Spirit-based and oriented World and Home of your Afrikan Ancestors you need to live in and flourish on Earth as Divine Spirit in the Human Flesh or Body?

Are you aware that your today’s obsession for the White Man’s material world and riches is destroying and killing your Continental Afrika based Spirit or Non-Material-based and Oriented World, Person or Being on earth ?

For three Million Years in Ancient Term and Ten Thousand Years in Modern Term, your Continental Afrikan Ancestors created, lived and prosperous in the world’s First Spirit World Order based on the Sacred and Natural Teachings and Truth and Wisdom of our Ancient Continental Afrikan Spirit Science, Technology and Art in all its Positivity and which enabled your Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors in the White Man’s Chains and World in USA and Europe and Europe to overcome the Hell of their slave, colonial and neocolonial conditions .

That is why, the White man had to use his guns and now his invisible chains to keep them under his control.

All because, as far as our Continental Afrikan Ancestors are concerned, to know that we are more than our Flesh, Body, or the Visible Part or Side of us, is to know how futile it is for human beings to live and die for their Flesh and its pleasures that are limited, short-lived and partial.

Hence, they live a Spirit-based and oriented life that teaches them the secret and the benefit of a Balanced Life in Thoughts, Words and Deeds and why they must live for the Spirit, the Eternal or the Immortal Part of themselves as the Sacred, Holy and Divine Manifestation of their Creator AFRIKAMAWU within them and in all Creation on Earth.

Hence, to live in, from and for the Spirit or the Eternal which they are , is to live forever here and after.

To live in, from and for the Spirit is to acquire all the Inner-based and oriented Divine, Spirit and Mind Power which connects us directly to the Limitless Power and Benefit of our Creator AFRIKAMAWU, our Continental Afrikan Saints, our Holy Afrikan Spirit within us and to the Positive Spirit, Energy and Power of all Creation/Universe/Nature/Environment of which we are part and parcel of.

That is why our Continental Afrikan Ancestors as Ancient Afrikan Ethiopians, Ancient Afrikan Nubians, Ancient Afrikan Egyptians and so on were able to have all the Inner-Spirit-based Power and Enlightenment they need to be created by AFRIKAMAWU as the world’s first Spirit-based Human Beings as Divine Spirit or Divine Manifestation on Earth and who know, understand and live daily in tune to the Eternal Principles or Natural Law of being Divine Manifestation or Divine Spirit in Human Flesh on Earth as the Micro of the Macro .

As Creators and Governors of the world’s first Spirit-based and oriented World Order on Earth, your Afrikan Ancestors have all the Inner or Spirit-based Power they need and want to solve and satisfy the daily Needs, Interests of their Flesh and Spirit by living a Balanced and Harmonious Life which is not based on the accumulation of material things in life but on Sharing daily what one has with the world .

In this way, they manage to free themselves from the hell of perpetually surviving instead of living in tune to their Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Being and Power within them and free from living and dying for the Material or the Flesh and its short-lived world’s power, security and power.

All because , they know, to live and stay daily in tune to their Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power within them is to have their Flesh and Spirit world, power, and pleasures.

This is so because our Ancestors know, their Spirit is ninety-percent greater, stronger and mightier than their Flesh/Body/Material World, Power and Pleasures which are nothing without their Spirit animating them.

In other words, because our Ancient Continental Afrikan Ancestors see, think, believe and accept themselves basically as Spirit in the Human Flesh, they insist on their Divine Right to create, live and prosper in the world’s First Spirit-based and oriented world on Earth which produced the world’s First Culture that lasted continuously for ten thousand years and which has no need for the White man’s gun, money, police and prison because it is greed-free and sharing in goals and objectives in which the Headache of One is the Headache of All and the Happiness of One is the Happiness of All.

Hence, in this Spirit-based and oriented Culture and Way of life, it becomes a WAY OF LIFE OR A NATURAL THING for our Ancestors to learn to share what they have with others as it is for them to breathe.

For, they know, to share is to multiply but to withhold/accumulate, is to lose it because the Wealth belongs to all and it is for the enjoyment of all and not only by the Few at the expense of the Many .

Hence, as the world’s First Spirit-based and oriented People as opposed to Flesh/Material people and who have mastered the Ancient Science and Art of living in Peace and Harmony in their Spirit-based Ancient Afrikan Society, they know they are part and parcel of the rest of Creation which they consider sacred to live in tune to and to revere, protect, defend, and nourish for the benefit of all forms of Life on Earth.

This is so, because, their Spirit-based Way of life enables them to know that to destroy is to destroy nobody but themselves and because they will not like to destroy themselves, so naturally they refrain from destroying others and Nature .

That is why before they kill an animal for a meal or cut a tree down for their need, they never forget to ask for forgiveness or permission from the Spirit of the Animal or Tree whose Life they are about to take for the Greater Good .

That is why the Hunter goes to the Forest to hunt and bring home only that which is sufficient to feed the family and never saw the need to empty the Sea or the River of all its Fish as we see done today to our Sea, Rivers and Forest in the name of Greed.

In addition, their Spirit-based Way of life makes them to discover, know and live in tune to their Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Being or Power Within them via their daily meditation exercises.

In this way, they are able to use on daily basis their Inner or Spirit or Mind Eyes to see what the Mortal/Flesh Eyes cannot see, Use their Inner or Spirit Ears to hear what their Flesh/Mortal Ears cannot hear, Mentally or Spiritually, like a bird , Travel form one place to another without the need of today’s White man traveling gadgets, Communicate mentally or spiritually with each other without today’s White man’s communication gadgets, Mentally or spiritually, Produce food for the enjoyment of all, Mentally or spiritually , Provide shelter for all, Mentally or spiritually , Heal the sick, Spiritually or mentally, build a total of one hundred and thirty Mighty Ancient Afrikan Pyramids all over the Continent and its Islands as Tribute to what the Divinely and Spiritually Attuned Mind and Spirit of Human Beings can do for the enjoyment of all.

That is why, our Continental Afrikan Ancestors as the world’s first Spirit ?based People or Spirit People in Human Flesh, are now considered all over the world as the Inventors and Masters of the world’s First Human Family, Society, Nation-state, Kingdom, Empire, Fire, Tool, Agriculture, Irrigation, Science, Technology, Writing, Astronomy, Astrology, Medicine, Government, Democracy and all other Forms of today’s World Civilization.

And for living a Spirit-based Life all their lives, our Ancestors succeed in conferring on themselves, the world’s First Society that is totally free from the Poison of I-Me-Myself Way of life.

By living daily in tune to the Limitless Power of their Divine Self, Spirit Self and Mind Power and not only their logic Power, they know and apply the Secret of living in Heaven on Earth rather than survive perpetually in the Hell of chronic selfishness and greed in life.

And yet ninety-nine percent of you my today’s Afrikan brothers and sisters are no longer enjoying the Spirit-based Way of life of your Continental Afrikan Ancestors because you have allowed your today’s Flesh/Money/Material-based world of the White man to uproot you from and keep you ignorant of all Knowledge, Power, and Benefit of your Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Being and Power on Earth.

Three hundred years of programming have turned you into slaves of the White man’s based and controlled world and ways of life that are fundamentally different and opposed to your Afrikan Nature as basically a Spirit as opposed to Flesh-based People on Earth.

All because, today’s White man is basically a Material/Flesh-based and oriented being.

That is why, today’s White man lives for I-Me-Myself which is essentially Money/Material based and oriented.

Your Ancient/Traditional Afrikan on the other hand, basically lives for the Spirit and what money cannot buy like Love, Generosity, Sharing, Hospitality, Honesty, Sincerity, Cooperation, Contentment, Peace and Harmony.

And yet, the White man, before he became a ?White? man, two thousand years ago, was part and parcel of Ancient Continental Afrika from where he too originated and once lived the Spirit-based Life as Afrikan before his Kind Migrated out of the Continent of Afrika to people where they are today as European, Asian, American and Islander .

And faced with the Harshness of his/her New World outside Afrika, his/her Original Home, the White Man became Flesh/Material being at the expense of his/her Spirit-based and Oriented Way of Life

And instead of limiting the poison of his/her Material/Flesh-based ways of life to himself/herself and posterity, today’s White man via USA and Europe is bent on imposing the evil of his I-Me-Myself philosophy of life on the rest of the non-Western world which still practices our Ancient Afrikan Spirit-based Way of life in all our Non-Foreignized parts of the Continent of Afrika and its Islands.

Hence, the more you, my Afrikan brothers and sisters , allow the White Man to program you to prefer the Hell of his Material/Flesh-based Way of life to the Heaven of your Spirit Way of life, the more self-ignorant, uprooted, restless, selfish, greedy, ego-centric, wicked, destructive, dangerous, unhappy, dissatisfied, unfulfilled and empty you will become in the mist of so much material paradise.

Hence, only your urgent recovery and daily attunement to Limitless Power of your Spirit, Mind, Ancestral and Divine Being and Power can you be free, once and for all, from the invisible Genocide of preferring the limited You of the Flesh to the Limitless You World, Power and Joy of your Spirit-based Way of Life and Being in life.

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d’Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d’Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L’ I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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By: Prof Afrikadzata Deku.

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