My Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, do you know your today’s celebrities are not your celebrities but products or photocopies of the White man’s controlled concepts and practices of celebrity meant to keep you ignorant of and uprooted from the Power and Benefit of your own Afrikan Concept and Practice of Celebrity ?

Do you know your today’s ?Black or African American stars and superstars are stars and superstars only by the White man’s standards but a total sell-out by your Ancient Continental Afrikan Standard of Celebrity of which you nothing ?

The ninety-nine percent of those you adore and worship to death are nothing but ?White? inside and ?Black? outside kept in the limelight by the White man’s controlled press to keep you their masses forever chained to the Hell of the White man’s Belly that feeds fat on the carcasses of the Bulk of your suffering Masses.

The ninety-nine percent of your today’s Hall of Famers and larger than life African or Black American celebrities you die to become or wish you could be or aspire to become as your roles model of material success in the White man’s world, are not more than slaves of the Crumbs of the White man’s ? money making machine or factory ? they have turned them into to generate MEAT for the White Man and BONES for them and the Bulk of their ?Black/African American? Masses .

That is why, your ?Black/African American? celebrities are mostly limited to sports, entertainment and acting while in the areas of life that count most, 99.9% of them are not found and little of their crumbs celebrity money , status , success and life goes to empower or end the Ghetto communities in USA/Europe.

That is why your sports superstars are only celebrities in name but zero or nothing in substance.

That is why the best and brightest of your African American Young and Youth are programmed to accept the lie that the best they can do in life is to play to entertain the White Man for the White Man’s Crumbs while the White keeps and benefits from the LOAF of their Sweat .

And as long as they stick to their White man’s defined roles for them in their White man’s controlled sports world and agendas, they will be rewarded with crumbs from the tables of the White masters.

That is why, up till now, it is still a taboo for your sports celebrities to think, question, let alone decide to reverse if not change the Slave-Master relationship between White and Black in USA.

This explains why to many, it is normal for the White man to own up to ninety percent of all the major baseball, basketball and football teams, clubs and leagues in which 90% of play and coach and do all the monkey for the team owners to enjoy, own and control .

And as a result of this, your African America and its sports based celebrities own and control not the 300 Billion sports business/industry in USA but only its crumbs while the White man controls and enjoys 99.9% of the Fruits of their labor .

But to the various ?Black? players, athletes and musicians at the top of the White man’s Game they call sports, Music and Athletics, these White man’s peanuts leftover crumbs MONEY/SALARIES/BONUSES paid to them are big money to make them celebrities, stars and superstars and which they see as their White man’s passports to live in White neighborhoods, away from the Ghetto worlds of their childhood and of their parents.

Instead of fighting for their right to own, manage and control the various clubs they play for, they fight among themselves for more and more of the White man’s bones while the White man is allowed to keep more and more of the MEAT OR LOAF for his enjoyment and power over their African American celebrities .

In this way, their White club owners dominate control and exploit their African American Celebrities without whom they would not have the LOAF/MEAT from the sweat of their Black celebrities to enjoy for life .

In the same way, ninety-nine percent of the head coaches of the one hundred and twenty major league sports teams that play baseball, football and football in USA and Europe today, are not Black but White.

Why? Because Blacks who play mostly these games are not intelligent enough to coach players of these teams?

NO, but because, coaching is a big business and a highly paid job that the White team owners, naturally prefer to give to their White fellows than Black experts.

In this way, they keep the 99.9% of the MONEY/PROFIT power in the hands of the few White men team owners and head coaches.

And yet, the bulk of their coaching is done for them in secret by their Black coaches as their assistants while their White Lords/Masters publicly take the credit of their victory and success at the expense of African American celebrity blood and sweat.

Just as the Black players sweat to enrich their White team owners they play for, their Black Assistant coaches too gladly and gratefully sweat to enrich their White Head Coaches for life.

Instead of fighting for their right to form, start, manage, control, and coach their own national ?Black? major leagues for them to own and control the 300 billion sports business for the use and benefit of their White Head Coaches for whom they prefer to toil in secret to work for themselves as Afrikans in USA.

Likewise, Black celebrities are not your celebrities but products of the White man’s concepts of celebrity because they are also entertainment based.

This means, apart from White man’s controlled sports, entertainment is the next major White man’s passport for any Black/African American wanting to become a celebrity in USA.

Not Science. Not Technology. Not owning and operating their own fortune 500 companies. No!

Those are reserved for the White minds considered far more advanced than the Black minds.

That is why, as far as the White man is concerned, the Black man can entertain and make him laugh, play on his teams which the Black man is not allowed to own, control, or coach, run and win races for the White man’s country he/she calls his/her own as well as write , sing , act and play that depict and promote the White man’s ways of life that promotes violence, drugs abuse and the rest .

This explains why, the highest paid or rewarded Black celebrities are those who can make the White man laugh on White man’s owned and controlled ABC, NBC, CNN, HSBO , CBS, BET and the rest .

And as long as they faithfully carry out the roles the White man has mapped out for them in White America, they will be guaranteed each enough crumbs from the White man’s tables to move about as celebrities who are only celebrities in name but zero in substance.

That is why, today’s Black TV/Radio celebrities cannot see the need to come together to form their own National Black/African American ABC, CBS, NBC or CNN they have become so dependent on, addicted to and enslaved by .

That is why, most of the Black TV/Radio celebrities are celebrities only for the White man who benefits mostly from Black TV/Radio stars and superstars but totally a loss to the Black masses who cannot rely on their ?celebrities? to save them from the mess in which they are.

In the same way, fighting is the next White man’s passport for a Black celebrity status.

This means, for the majority of African Americans, their ability to beat and be beaten in fights for money , the 99.9% of which benefits the Fight promoters than the fighters , is the only way they can escape the hell of their Ghetto life for the ?Heaven? of their exclusive White neighborhood while the Bulk of their people rot in their invisible Ghetto Hell nobody dares touch or set them free from .

While the White man reserves and uses his brain power to think, invent, discover things that make life better for his people, the Black man uses his brain to play the White man’s games on the White man’s teams he does not own or control, in the White man’s stadia he does not own control, for billions of dollars in ticket sales he does not own or control, make the White man laugh on the White man’s TV he does not own or control, fight to make the White man rich, run races to win honors for the White man’s crumbs money and prizes, write books for the White man’s prizes and awards, act in pro-status quo plays and films that avoid offending the White man and for which he is conferred the White man’s celebrity status which is taken away from him anytime he loses favors with the White man.

In other words, a celebrity that is White man’s world based and controlled can never be your Afrikan based and oriented celebrity which alone can set you my Afrikan brothers and sisters , free, once and for all, from the hell of your today’s White man’s controlled celebrities.

And also, because, your Afrikacelebrity for you is the only celebrity in the world which does not limit your celebrity-ness to sports, entertainment, fighting or acting but in all areas of human endeavor.

That means, your urgent recovery, development and enjoyment of your Continental Afrika-based Concept and Practice of Celebrity will enable you to own, control and benefit from the teams and leagues you play for; own, control and benefit from the teams and leagues you play for; own, control and benefit from the National TVs you work on; own and control and benefit from the stadia you run your races in and play your games at .

It will also enable you to coach your own players, your own ways and collect the $300 billion in profit you generate each year from your sporting activities with which to acquire all the land you need to proclaim your free, independent, sovereign Black/African American State on for the self-reliant, empowerment, liberation, development, prosperity, happiness, security, and fulfillment for all African Americans in USA, Europe and the Americas .

Through the urgent recovery and practice of your new Afrika Celebrity Status, you will achieve your own Afrika-based Celebrity which is the products of your own Afrikan people to serve, protect, defend, and promote the cause, needs and interests of all their people and for the benefit of all.

For, a celebrity that is money based, selfishness oriented and greed driven can only be alien to your Afrikan Concept of Celebrity which is based on how kind, honest, sincere, sharing, selfless and giving you are.

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d’Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d’Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L’ I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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By: Prof Afrikadzata Deku.

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