My Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, do you know the food you so much love and call your own in the White man’s world is not your food but food imposed on you to uproot you form all knowledge, power and benefit of your original Native Afrika-based and oriented food which is meant for your AfrikaSystem in Life ?

Do you know your today’s White man’s restaurants you cannot do without is not your restaurants but death to your Afrika Restaurant you now know nothing of.

Where is your food among all the various food items that make up today’s USA/American Cuisine?

Why continue to pay homage to the spirit of a USA/American cuisine that refuses to recognize and respect your right to your own AfrikaCuisine at the table of your today’s treasured Foreign style Restaurants and Cuisine or which exists at the expense of your AfrikaRestaurant and Cuisine .

Where is your authentic AfrikaRestaurant among all the various ethnic restaurants that constitute USA/American restaurants and cuisine today ?

Why continue to enrich and patronize Foreign and anti-Afrikan restaurants and cuisine that exist at the expense of your AfrikaRestaurant and Cuisine which is the world’s first Cuisine on earth and the mother Cuisine of all Cuisines in the world .

Look around you, and you will notice the fact that you fear so much that all conscious human groups on Earth have given themselves the right to have and enjoy their own cuisine in their own restaurants that promote and celebrate who and what they are in life.

That is why we have French cuisine in French restaurants in France, USA and everywhere the French are found to promote not British but French ways of cooking and eating that do great honor to their Ancestral selves.

That is why the British cannot do without their British cuisine and their British restaurants in Britain and USA and everywhere they are found to promote not French or Chinese but British way of cooking and eating that are meant for their system .

In the same way, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Arabs, the Italians, the Jews, the Germans and so on never fail to have their own cuisine in their own restaurants all over the world that promote their respective Native Ancestral cultures and ways of life that make them feel great in life.

That is why, in USA and Europe today, the Italian American still insists on his/her right to have and enjoy Italian cuisine in Italian restaurant.

The Anglo-Saxon American cannot do without his Anglo-Saxon/British cuisine and restaurants in USA .

The Scottish American takes great delight in his/her Scottish cuisine and restaurant, which he/she values very much in America .

The Irish American in USA, cannot live in joy and peace without asserting everyday his/her right to his/her Irish cuisine and restaurants, which he/she cherishes so much.

In the same way, Jewish American, the Chinese American, the Japanese American, the Mexican American or the Arab American and so on cannot imagine life in USA and Europe without their various Native Ancestral cuisine and restaurants, which means a great deal to them.

Why? Because they know, each conscious human group has a unique and distinctive way of cooking and eating food that is unique, original and authentic to the group.

Even though Food is food everywhere, the way or manner in which it is prepared and eaten by members of a particular group makes it French, British, Chinese, Japanese, Jewish or Arab or Afrikan .

Also, because they know, given the fact that human groups live at different regions of the world that produce certain specific food items that are not found elsewhere, it becomes imperative for all conscious human groups to insist on their right to cook and eat food in a particular and unique way that strengthens rather than weakens their health.

Besides, they also know, even though all Human beings are Human , the metabolism or the make up of each human group in the world is different from the rest of humanity, hence the need for different and specific kinds of cultural/ethnic cuisine and restaurants to satisfy the specific needs of our various human metabolism.

This explains why, even in the White man’s chains in USA, your early Afrikan Ancestors never cooked and ate like the White man because they know, only cooking and eating the Afrikan Way can keep them connected to the Spirit of the Food they eat for all the Inner Power, Strength, Nourishment, Protection, Guidance and Peace of Mind they desperately need to be free Afrikans inside and free from the White man’s chains and ways of life.

Also, because, they know that the White man’s food is good if not excellent for the pride, dignity, and betterment of the White man.

But to them as Afrikans, the White man’s food can only men death to their Continental Afrikan Cuisine and Restaurants.

That is why they make sure they always meet in secret to prepare, cook and eat their food the Continental Afrikan Way as a way of ensuring their survivability in the White man’s belly.

And without their ability to live in tune to the Spirit of their Afrikan Food/Cuisine, your early Afrikan Ancestors could never have survived here in USA and Europe and without whom you will not be born here today in USA and Europe to take great pride in preferring Foreign/alien ways of cooking and eating to your own Continental Afrika based and oriented way of cooking and eating.

Just as the elephant food is not the same as lion food or bird food or fish food, even though they are all called food, in the same way, White American cuisine/food, which you have sold your soul to , is not and can never be your Afrikan Food or Cuisine.

In the same way, just the fish’s way of eating is different from the tiger’s way of eating or the lion’s food is not the elephant food and vice-versa, it stands to reason that , your Continental Afrikan Way of cooking and eating is totally different from White man’s ways of cooking and eating.

If animals have the intelligence to know that they can only eat their own food that is suitable and meant for their metabolism or system, why should you, my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, allow yourself to be programmed by the White man to accept and believe his lie that Food or Cuisine to you can only be Western/Foreign style but never Afrikan Cuisine or Food .

So, if animals in the jungle, have enough common sense and the intelligence to know that they can only eat and enjoy their own food their own ways, why then do you go on fooling nobody but yourselves with the lie that you can eat any other ways on Earth except eat your AfrikaWay which the White man fears so much for fear of losing you.

In other words, you are encouraged, praised, and rewarded by White America for preferring its cuisine and restaurants to your own Continental Afrikan Cuisine and Restaurants n USA, not because it will save or free you from the hold of White America but because it keeps you more dependent and more vulnerable on the White man.

Through its imposed Western/White cuisine on you, the White man is able to keep you perpetually under his control and to do as he will with you.

Hence, for you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA and Europe to prefer to eat Western, Chinese, Japanese, Jewish, Arab or Mexican and so on but will not touch or eat Afrikan you have been programmed to shun from as barbaric or dangerous, is nothing for you to brag about.

It is not a sign of progress, change, success or freedom for you Afrikans to be preferring Foreign foods to your Afrikan Food or Cuisine which is made for your Afrikan System and has kept your Ancestors alive for the past three million years and without which you , my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in the White man’s world in USA/Europe would not be born here or be alive here today.

Your today’s ability or freedom to eat everything Foreign in USA and Europe except Afrikan can only mean death to you in the same way , Lion food is not food to the Elephant but death and vice-versa .

Meaning, your authentic Continental Afrikan Cuisine is your Food even if you don’t want to hear anything about it and it is the only Food which is capable of keeping you Together, Balanced and Harmonious Mentally, Spiritually, Ancestrally and Divinely as conscious Afrikan on Earth which none of your today’s alien cuisine can do for you.

Because, cooking and eating your Afrikan Way is life in freedom and dignity.

But cooking and or eating alien ways is death to you as Afrikan.

It will be like elephant eating lion’s food and vice-versa and bragging about it or saying there is nothing wrong with it or that it is his right to eat whatever he/she , all of which does not make it right , that is why you never see the elephant eating lion’s food and vice-versa.

This explains why , you my Afrikan Bros and Sis have turned yourselves into the world’s most sick , the most vulnerable, the most hungry, the most homeless, the most destitute, the most abused, the most dominated, the most exploited, the most controlled and the most influenced group of all human groups in USA and Europe and the world.

Because, you have no protection from cooking and eating Afrikan which has kept your Continental Afrikans alive and healthy for three million years in Ancient Term and ten thousand years in Modern Term.

All other cultural groups that make USA today except you, are far and far better off than you the majority of my Afrikan brothers and sisters in USA and Europe not because they are more intelligent than you or because of the ?White? skin color but because, unlike you, they still live in tune to the Power, Pride, Dignity, Security and Protection of their Ancestral Culture and ways of life that unify, empower, liberate, develop, enrich, protect and defend them against anything that they are not in life.

Just as lion food is food only to the lion but death to the elephant or fish and vice-versa, in the same way, you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA and Europe can only find total life and not death in your forgotten Continental Afrikan Cuisine and Restaurants.

Pretending that it does not matter what food you eat and how you eat it since to you food is not food, cannot change the fact that your Continental Afrikan Cuisine is still alive in the hearts, minds, and spirits of your Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikan Home and Ancestral land for you to rediscover, relearn, know, master, use, share, enjoy and benefit from as conscious Afrikans on Earth.

As the world’s first and oldest Human Cuisine on Earth and Mother of today’s world forms of cuisine which you have now become addicted to, Continental Afrikan Cuisine is the only cuisine on Earth which is specifically designed with you specifically in mind because it is the only Cuisine on Earth that agrees and fits into your natural Continental Afrikan bodily make up or constitution or metabolism or System we call Afrikan.

Also, because, it is the only Cuisine on Earth that offers all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans, the right and opportunity to think, create, invent and discover better and better ways of cooking and eating Afrikan that do great honor to who we are on Earth.

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d’Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d’Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L’ I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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By: Prof Afrikadzata Deku.

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