My Afrikan mothers and fathers in USA, do you know your today’s Western oriented and Style concepts and practices of childhood which you have become addicted to are not your Afrika Concept and Practice of Afrika Childhood ?

Are you aware that your today’s definitions, knowledge and understanding of who and what your children and youth should not be and who and what they should be in life are not your own but alien to your forgotten Afrika-based and oriented definition, knowledge and understanding of your Afrikan Children and Youth in and outside USA?

Why do you continue to allow your precious Afrikan Children and Youth to be de-Afrikanized and Westernized or turned into the photocopies of the White man’s Children without your least knowledge of what is happening to them and you ?

Why do you keep on destroying and killing daily your Afrika Children in White America and Europe in the invisible Fire of Assimilation and Integration ?

Why can you not open your closed Continental Afrikan Eyes and Minds to the 400 years of Genocide of Anti-Afrika Children/Youth policies , plans and agendas unleashed against you and your children meant to rob you and your children of their Afrika Childhood , Identity and Culture that once made your Afrika Children the world’s Children on earth and the Mother of all today’s Children on earth ?

Why do you continue to gladly allow the White man to fool you into accepting and believing his lie that money or material things in life are more important than having Afrika Children and bringing up Afrika Children the AfrikaWay for the benefit of all members of your Afrika Community ?

Your today’s career first Philosophy of life is not and it is Anti your Afrikan Children First Philosophy of life.

Preferring career or postponing having children and rearing children which you are programmed to consider as the right thing to do is not only alien to your Afrika Psyche or AfrikaSystem as Afrikan in life but it is also an act of suicide which you are conditioned to call progress, change or success in life.

What else can it be when you forget and uproot yourself from the limitless Power and Benefit of your 3 million year old Continental Afrikan Ancestral Truth based on the fact that and which teaches you that :

1) Children are more important than anything else we can get here on Earth.

2) Children are the greatest wealth and riches on Earth that no amount of money or material things or career can buy or replace.

3) Money or material success or riches without children or people to enjoy it or share it with its poison,

4) Career first, children second is the Philosophy of I-Me-Myself people and recipe for hell on Earth,

5) The career woman is not the only working woman there is , the mother carrying her children to terms and raising them to be all they can be for the benefit of all is also the working woman who deserve to be paid monthly salaries as her right and for performing for Society , what even the career cannot do

6) The career woman is not the Emancipated woman but slave of money and I-ME-MYSELF ways of thinking and living

7) Motherhood is not less important or less enriching and less fulfilling to the woman than career,

8) The home for the woman is not more enslaving and more hell than the office or factory,

9) Having and raising productive children for tomorrow are the greatest and noblest goals and mission on earth and in all Ancient/Traditional societies for all women to embrace and not shun away from as a demeaning or enslaving job ,

10) Limiting parenting to the nucleus family of father and mother or father or mother alone is hell for the children and parents,

11) Limiting the number of child birth to one or two children is not progress but selfishness at its highest peak which can only end in the eventual death of the race concerned,

12) Marriage, parenting, child birth, abortion, and so on are not the private affairs or business of the individual woman concerned but the concern or duty of the entire community/society whose future/survival depends on how many productive and positive children/youth it has to guarantee its immortality in life after its elders have gone to the next world.

That is why, three million years ago in Ancient Term and ten thousand years in Modern Term, your Ancient Continental Afrikans became the world’s first Human Beings on Earth to invent, develop, polish, master and use successfully , all the above Twelve Ancient Continental Afrikan Child Rights/Principles to govern the way they knew and understood what their Afrika Childhood/Youth-hood is not and what it should be for the benefit of all members of their society.

All because they know, to successfully apply all the above Twelve Afrika Child Rights or Principles for the welfare and betterment of their Afrika Children/Youth in life, is to save or perpetuate themselves as adults or elders who will not be here tomorrow.

That is why they also know their Afrika Children/Youth are their tomorrow and without whom there will be nobody to carry on with their memories and good works in life.

Hence, to your Afrikan Ancestors, the more children they have as the society’s common wealth or wealth or riches that belong not only to the individual parents but to the entire community or ?village?, the more all members of the society see, believe and accept as their number one priority on Earth, their ability and commitment to work together in love and peace to give all the children/youth, all the positive Tools and Means they need and want to grow into the productive citizens they are destined to become for the pride, dignity and glory of all members of their Community.

To them, children/youth are the world’s most precious and priceless Gifts, Treasures or Seeds of life they can be blessed with.

Hence, the more Children they have, the more grateful and blessed they become.

And the more grateful they are, then more resolved and committed they become as members of their Afrika Society/Community/Nation to plant, tender and care for more and more of their seeds.

And the more seeds they gladly plant in the best of their available soil, the more time, attention, and resources they all have to nurse, water and care for the welfare and success of their Sacred Seeds for them to grow and flourish into all the Golden Afrika Fruits all members of their society needs to stay healthy and feel safe, secured, happy, loved and at peace and in harmony with themselves and the rest of Creation.

That is why, all over your Ancient and Traditional Afrika World starting from Ancient Afrikan Ethiopia, Nubian, Egypt, Middle East, Greece, Rome, Britain, France, Japan, China, including pre-Columbus Americas, most if not all human Ancient/Traditional cultures on Earth have and adhere strictly to Children First Philosophy of life based on the above Twelve Ancient Continental Afrikan Children Rights or Principles .

That is why, even here, in USA, fifty years ago, life was not Things First but Children/Family First.

And because of this, Children/Youth of your Ancient and Traditional Afrika World in and outside Afrika had all the Inner Power they need to lead Positive and Balanced Life free from the Hell and curse of drugs, alcohol, teen pregnancies, school drop-outs, disobedience, disrespect, violence, crime and sufferings that are the daily lot of most of our today’s children/youth.

This is so because, your Ancient /Traditional Afrikan Ancestors/Adults/Elders had the common sense to know that to make their society and lives into Children centered and Children oriented from head to toe is to make motherhood, parenthood, child birth, child rearing, child protection, child guidance and child education the top priority of their lives.

They know, to live and die for their Children/Youth, is to have all the greatest priceless Wealth and Riches they can endow on themselves and which no money can buy or provide them .

That is why, when it comes to the welfare and betterment of their Children/Youth, there is nothing they cannot do to make sure their children know how to listen to their elders who have been to where they are now going in life, respect authorities who are there for them every 24 hours, and apply the lessons and wisdom of life learned in life for the benefit of all.

This is so because, it is the job of all elders of a community to make sure that all their Children/Youth are taught the limitless benefits they will have when they respect, listen to and learn from those we call PHD and Professors of Ancient Secrets of Successful Living.

And because, they all know it is good to be good to oneself and others in life, Children/Youth of our Ancient/Traditional societies become naturally, automatically and gladly good, and respectful of themselves and others around them.

But because, you allow the White man to uproot you from the limitless power, and blessings of the above Twelve Ancient Afrikan Children Rights or Principles , ninety-nine percent of you my Afrikan brothers and sisters, no longer know, apply and benefit form your Ancient Continental Afrikan Concept and Practice of Childhood/Youth-hood which alone can enable you to lead a Children First Ways of life rather then Things/Career/Money First ways of life.

In this way, you will no longer see the need to sacrifice your Children/Youth as your precious priceless Wealth/Riches for the Hell of living and dying for things.

It will also open your eyes to the lie of a superwoman who is mother, single mother , a wife and career success all at the same time .

For, only your urgent recovery and daily practice of your Twelve Ancient/Traditional Afrika Children Rights or Principles of Children/Family First Way of Life and Mentality and Beingness, will set you free from the curse of trying to be a mother, wife and career woman at the same time.

Working for money, status or fame in life at the expense of Children , is no progress or change or emancipation for today’s woman but enslavement for life characterized by perpetual stress , fatigue, emptiness and restlessness.

Working and dying for children First is to live forever in the Heaven of the hearts, minds and spirits of all your properly cared for, properly educated, properly trained, properly protected, properly guided and properly prepared children/youth whom no forces of darkness, evil, crime, selfishness, greed, violence or delinquencies can touch let alone destroy for the benefit of all members of the society.

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By: Prof Afrikadzata Deku.

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