The concerned residents explained that churning out falsehood and disparaging comments about selfless leaders who were serving the constituency wholeheartedly especially the Member of Parliament for the area would not help the forward march of the constituency.


According to them, the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Hon. Kobla Mensah Woyome, deserved commendation instead of condemnation. “Hon. Mensah Woyome is one MP who has done what Napoleon could not do to see to the betterment of his folks” They added.

The irate residents made the caution when reacting to a publication carried out by Today Newspaper in 26th January 2016 edition with a captioned “South Tongu MP is hot”

In the said publication some few individuals in some parts of the constituency whom they believed have one or two personal issues with the MP alleged that, the constituency which is perceived to be an electoral “World Bank” of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) lacks social and infrastructure developments such as markets, schools, roads and potable water.

However, some irate residents whom claimed they come from most of the towns mentioned in the story like: Agave-Afedome, Agbagorme, and Sogakope, Agbakope in a reaction to the allegations explained that South Tongu constituency like any constituency or town in Ghana cannot said to have all its social and developmental challenges addressed by their respective assemblies let alone the MP in overnight.

They opined that development is a process and not an event. Thus we believe the MP who is neither a developing nor an implementing agent, has done far better in terms of provision of social amenities and other monumental projects in the history of the constituency.

They lamented that the MP and H. E. President Mahama have made great and remarkable strides in all the sectors of human development in the constituency.

For example under education, they hinted that the MP was instrumental in lobbing for the following projects: provision of physical infrastructure like class room blocks, fully furnished Information Communication Technology (ICT) laboratories, most of the school libraries have been stocked with over 30,000 modern books, supply of duel desks, financial support to over 500 students etc. “the constituency is a beneficially of one of the President Mahama’s Community Day Senior High School Project which is cited at Agave Afedume” they noted.

The health arena under his watch has also seen much improvement, provision of a new district drug store, rehabilitation of existing health facilities, construction of Chips Compounds and Nurses quarters are some of the effort been made by the MP to see to the health needs of the constituents. They noted.

On the issues of bad roads, some residents who spoke to this Reporter admitted that though not all the roads in the constituency were of the best shape, the MP had not been sleeping ever since he (MP) took office.

“Under his tenure of office, a good number of roads in the constituency have seen a major improvement. For example Adutor Junction through to Bekpo, Sogakofe to Fievie – Adidokpoe roads had been tarred, again Dabala to Agbakofe, and several others roads like Tordzinu-Dorkploame to Dabala Junction are all under construction” they added.

Under Hon. Mensah Woyome, there has been unprecedented improvement in delivery of water, as the water reservoir at Sogakope has seen it first major renovation, also other water projects and bore-holes have been commissioned to provide safe, clean and potable water to thousands of people across the constituency. They reiterated.

When Hon. Mensah Woyome, was contacted to comment on the allegations of none performance by some individuals from his constituents and the canter-claim made by another faction, the MP called on both sides to exercise restraint and work together in harmony for the betterment of the constituency but not for the gains of some few individuals.

When the Law-maker was asked why till date even educated people who should know that MPs are not development agents keep blaming MPs for lack of development in their communities answered in the affirmative that the understanding of the role/functions of an MP perhaps have not been understood well.

Hon. Mensah Woyome explained that it was true that MPs do made some promises during campaign periods but was quick to add that those promises were made base on a party’s manifesto and not that of the MP.

He further stated that during electioneering campaigns the Parliament Candidate (PC) in a particular constituency becomes the rep or the spokesperson of the Flag bearer of the party on which ticket he/she (PC) stands on since the flag bearer cannot be in very corner of the constituency. After election the PC then becomes a law maker if he/she is lucky to be voter for as an MP.

“Ironically state institutions like Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemble who are mandated by law to initiate plans and implement same to bring the needed development to our communities are often left off the hook of all these attacks” he lamented.

As an MP who’s government is in power, my duty is to come out laws and policies that will ensure that government policies base on the manifesto to bring salvation to our people are carried through and also lobby for some projects when necessary which to my knowledge I have done it to perfection. He lamented.

However, Hon. Mensah Woyome said he sincerely accepts all the praises as well as the criticism in good faith and added that such criticism will spur him on to work more harder than before to bring total development to the good people of the constituency.

The South Tongu MP, made a passionate appeal to his constituents, saying we should all believe in the spirit of our people, the power and determination to live up to our responsibilities and to build South Tongu on nothing but the truth.

“I am of the view that the scheme of development is gradual and cumulative, thus it is by these tenets which underpinned the procedural wise saying that ‘Rome was not built in a day’, Hon. Mensah Woyome added.



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