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Stop Tagging Phillip Basoah As Alan Boy


As far as I am aware of, Honourable Phillip Basoah, the Member of Parliament for Kumawu Sekyere Constituency, is not in Alan Kyeremateng?s camp. On the contrary, he is with Nana Addo yet, some malevolent people continually tag him as an “Alan?s boy.

I was in Kumawu during the Election 2016 campaign. I was actively involved in the electioneering campaign and bear witness to the near insuperable challenges he had to face owing to the malicious intentions of certain Kumawu NPP members.
They had not come to terms with themselves on why Phillip Basoah should become a candidate to contest for the constituency seat on the ticket of NPP, let alone, winning the parliamentary elections to become the MP. The person they expected to become the candidate was beaten hands down at the NPP primaries.
They have since the election, mounted that nonsensical wanton destruction against him. They are doing all within their virtually powerless might to portray him in bad light or bad faith before Nana Akufo Addo and other NPP gurus. In their naivety, they are understood to be running to Nana and those closer to him, telling them Basoah is an Alan?s boy. Their sole objective is to turn Nana against Phillip Basoah but God willing, they will not succeed. I shall not hesitate to publish their names with the details I know about their intentions to shame them should they persist in their nefarious character assassination activities.
?Nana Akufo Addo does not patronize such jerky reports. The very people resorting to these tactical fabrications to undermine Basoah are on record to have sponsored and supported an independent candidate in Kumawu Constituency during Election 2012. Their aim was to have Basoah lose the election. If they loved Nana and wished him success in the presidential election, would they do what they did? I do not condone their double standards. The fact that one of them contributed about (amount withheld) towards Nana?s campaign does not grant them that unfettered licence to tell blatant lies about their fellows.
?I am conversant with the situation so I shall publish the details with their names if they continued to behave malevolently irresponsibly. Ghanaians are crying for a change in government from NDC to NPP. The only person they hope can bring about the realisation of their dreams is Nana Akufo Addo, my adorable incorruptible “David”. Therefore, we should not allow some evil-minded people in the party who are pursuing their evil agenda to ruin the chances of Nana winning election 2016 by creating unnecessary tensions, enmity and divisions within the party and among the party members.
My only advice to Nana Addo is for him to beware of all those that run to him to paint their colleagues black. It is not all those coming to him as his friends, undermining others to him, that are really his true friends. Most of them are his very enemies who are directly or indirectly, seeking his political downfall. However, they are clad in friendly, but indeed, deceptive robes as it is the case with those NPP members from Kumawu under discussion. With time and by their actions, one can tell the sheep from the goats.
I shall wield the weapon of truth against the agents of darkness. The truth shall set us free! I will not spare the rod to spoil the child.
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