As you may be aware, Google has updated its Privacy Policy. This move is very crucial to you as a user of Google

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Products and Services. You wouldn’t want to use tools you do not know its implications. The Google Privacy Policy describes how Google treat your personal information when you use Google’s products and services, including information provided when you use Google+.

I have therefore taken my time to make it easier for readers of this blog to know more about the new privacy policy especially that of Google+.

Information Google Collect and How They Use It

Google record information about your activity – such as posts you comment on and the other users with whom you interact – this, Google say, would enable them provide you and other users with a better experience on Google services.

Google may also collect information about you from other users, such as when someone puts you in one of their circles or tags you in a photo. Especially those they choose to be public.

Google Profile.

According to Google, you need to have a public Google Profile visible to the world, which at a minimum includes the name you chose for the profile, before you can you Google+. That name will be used across Google services and in some cases it may replace another name you’ve used when sharing content under your Google Account. Google may display your Google Profile identity to people who have your email address or other identifying information.

You should know that posts and other content shared by or with you – such as photos of you – may be visible on your profile to those with whom that content has been shared. If you are thinking of how your profile appears to particular individuals, then the profile editor may be of help to you, according to Google


You can add people into different circles to share information with a group. People in your circles (but not the name of the circle) will appear to others on your Google Profile, unless you choose not to display that information. You can manage the people in your circle.

You can also add Google+ Pages to your circles. When you add a Google+ Page to your circles, the Google+ Page may add you to its circles and share content with you.

Photos and Videos.

Quite Interesting one: If you upload a photo or video to Google+, Google will store that content in a Picasa web album and enable the Picasa Web Albums product for your Google Account if you haven’t already used Picasa. The Picasa Privacy Policy will apply to your use of Picasa, in addition to this Google+ privacy policy. If you do not want Google to store metadata (such as photo details) associated with your photos and videos, please remove that data before uploading the content.


Notifications may be sent to you or to other people when you take certain actions in Google+, such as adding people to a circle, starting a hangout or tagging someone in a photo.


When using Google+ on your mobile device, Google collects your location to provide the service (such as to display nearby posts to you), as described when you sign up for the mobile version of the product. When you post content to Google+ from your mobile device, you may opt out of the collection and display of your location on a per-post basis or choose to exclude your location from all of your posts. When posting from a non-mobile device, you can choose to add your location on a per-post basis.

Google may display posts to which you’ve attached your location to users who seek to view Google+ posts “nearby” the location where you created your post. Those posts will be viewable only by those with whom the content has been shared.

“For me, it is necessary for you to take your time and learn the  privacy policies of the various social media groups you are sign on to. Each day various cookies or data are collected about you, once you log in; your future may be at risk if you do not control your online reputation”.

For the full information on the Updated Google Policy, go to:

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