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Stupidity of many normal people


My problem with the today-dislocated world

is that my admirable grandparents

who brought me up ?in the 70s to 80s

and the members of the enlarged Nze Onwumere family

taught me to be simpler with the things of life,

saying that good name is greater than ill-gotten wealth,

saying that I should uphold value and virtue

for the sake of the family?s name.


I was told that a man who is not contented

and aspires to achieve more in not-unique ways

is a fool to fortune.


I?m spending a lifetime holding onto these no-less precepts,

other than it seems that many people who have crossed my way

were not brought up in this direction, hence it is impossible for me

to accept and interpret the people and the world of today.


They tell me to let go those precepts of my grandparents

and the members of the enlarged Nze Onwumere family,

saying that they belong to the Homer.


They tell me that one thing that remains permanent is change.


I do not comprehend what they mean by ?change?,

if they mean that I should eschew these values and virtues

for a place of wrong and prejudice.


Unlike the precepts of my grandparents

and the members of the enlarged Nze Onwumere family,

this world has erroneously plunged self

into depression, desire for evil at will, ego,

fake, falsehood, fame-and-fortune…


Many people do not care to know their future,

but their fortune.


They see this as the greatest life motivator,

and not values and virtues, which I was taught

are greater than this stupidity of many normal people

that has become the occupation of the world.


Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

Tel: +2348057778358

Email: [email protected]


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