One of Ghana’s most black washed footballer’s Sulley Ali Muntari was today exonerated by the welfare manager of the Black Stars Sylvester Nii Sabahn Quaye.

Speaking to the Commission of Inquiry into the 2014 World Cup the football administrator said, “My lord I must say Sulley was managing issues very well before we got to Brazil. He even had a confrontation with Kevin Prince Boateng for putting up a certain behaviour.”

“I remember a player once came to the camp with his two-year-old baby and Sulley instructed him to send the baby to his mother because it wasn’t correct. The player told Sulley that such practice is done in Europe and I heard Sulley telling him that this is not Europe”

“I don’t really know what provoked him to do what he did because my lord I remember his reaction when I went to his room to deliver his letter to him,”

“As soon as I gave him the letter he asked, ah TM where from this? and I told him it’s a letter for you.
“My lord when I left his room to go and deliver that of Kevin to him in his room Sulley came out of his room and told me, TM ‘me pa wo kyew wo wie ma men hu kakra wai,’ which literary means, TM please I’d like to see you in brief when you are done”

“When I went back to his room he was on the phone with his wife so I couldn’t wait further but my lord I could feel remorse on his face at that moment,” Sabahn Quaye testified.

The welfare manager told the Justice Dzamefe led commission that he wasn’t present at the meeting where Sulley engaged Moses Parker physically because they were also have a technical meeting at the time.
Justice Dzamefe seized further inquisition into Sabahn Quaye’s testimony and pleaded with his counsel to hear him in camera.

El-Amisty Nobo ([email protected])


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