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Sunyani Men Laud Women’s Inclusion in Family Decision Making

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A recent community dialogue on women’s inclusion in decision making, organized by the Global Media Foundation (GLOMEF) in collaboration with Plan Ghana, shed light on the reasons behind husbands’ reluctance to involve their wives in family decisions. However, through education and intervention, participants recognized the benefits of shared decision making and the importance of trust and communication in relationships.

Traditionally, husbands in small communities within the Sunyani Municipality believed that keeping secrets was safer with men due to their perceived rigidity and resistance to manipulation. They argued that women, being more sociable and having more free time, were prone to inadvertently leaking confidential information shared with them.

During the dialogue session held at Akwasi Nfum, a farming community, male participants acknowledged that their wives struggled with keeping secrets due to a perceived need for validation and acceptance. Trust issues were also cited as a reason for excluding wives from decision making, as husbands feared their partners would share sensitive information with friends, subjecting family decisions to public scrutiny.

However, after engaging with resource persons and receiving comprehensive education, male participants began to reconsider their stance. They agreed to share information with their spouses and involve them in family decision making, provided trust and confidentiality were maintained.

Mr. Raphael Godlove Ahenu Jnr, CEO and founder of GLOMEF, emphasized the importance of women’s inclusion in decision making. He highlighted several benefits, including improved decision outcomes, shared responsibility, strengthened relationships, enhanced financial management, and improved overall well-being for the entire family.

Addressing concerns raised by husbands about their wives’ ability to keep secrets, Mr. Ahenu Jnr dispelled the stereotype that women are unable to maintain confidentiality. He stressed that both men and women are capable of keeping secrets and urged couples to prioritize trust and open communication in their relationships.

While some husbands expressed concerns about compromising their sense of self or freedom by sharing everything with their wives, Mr. Ahenu Jnr encouraged open dialogue to find a balance that respects individuality while fostering unity within the family.

The community dialogue served as a platform for challenging gender stereotypes and promoting greater gender equality in decision making processes.

Participants left with a renewed commitment to inclusivity and a deeper understanding of the benefits that arise from involving women in family decision making.

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