Sunyani Residency Set for Major Overhaul to Become Premier Executive Hub

Sun Social Residency Renovation Picture Scaled
The serene environment of Sunyani Residency

A major renovation project has commenced at the Sunyani residency, aiming to elevate the official residence of the Bono Regional Minister to an unprecedented standard of elegance and functionality.

The initiative is set to remodel the residency into a premier executive retreat, akin to the renowned Peduase Lodge.

Madam Justina Owusu-Banahene, the Bono Regional Minister, shared her vision during interaction with some media men who visited her at the residency.

“Our goal is to transform this space into an annex of the Peduase Lodge, creating an environment of unmatched beauty and prestige,” she declared.

The renovation effort includes re-roofing the main official apartment and undertaking extensive rehabilitation of the facility.

Madam Owusu-Banahene emphasized the necessity of these upgrades, pointing out that many of the quarters had suffered from years of neglect.

Describing the intended transformation, the Regional Minister expressed her commitment to enhancing the residency’s aesthetic and functional appeal.

“We are determined to make the residency not just more attractive, but a welcoming landmark that reflects the region’s pride,” she said.

The renovation extends beyond the Minister’s quarters, with plans to refurbish other facilities and government quarters within the residency.

“Enhancing both the beauty and the serene environment will position this residency among the most distinguished in the country,” Madam Owusu-Banahene added.

The serene environment of Sunyani Residency
The serene environment of Sunyani Residency

To bring this vision to fruition, the Regional Minister has called upon the local business community and affluent Bono natives, both domestically and abroad, to support the project.

“This transformation is a collective endeavor. We need the support of everyone to make the Sunyani residency a symbol of our regional excellence,” she appealed.

The ambitious overhaul signifies a commitment to not only preserving but elevating the infrastructure, ensuring that the Sunyani residency stands as a beacon of modernity and regional pride.

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