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Sunyani-Techiman Road Haunts Motorists and Commuters

Sunyani Techiman Road

The Sunyani-Techiman highway, a critical transportation artery in the Bono Region, has long been a topic of concern for both motorists and commuters.

Mr. Boahen, a media practitioner in Sunyani, hrecently shed light on the deteriorating state of this essential road, which has been a point of contention since its construction in the late 1990s during the tenure of President Jerry John Rawlings.

In his report, Mr. Boahen reflects on the road’s history, highlighting that in the past, it took approximately one hour for a commercial vehicle to travel between Sunyani and Techiman. However, he laments that the current condition of the road has drastically altered this scenario.

The Sunyani-Techiman road has suffered from multiple issues, including numerous potholes, manholes, and unauthorized speed ramps, leading to significantly increased travel times for motorists.

The direst section of the road, according to Mr. Boahen, is the New Dormaa – Kotokrom – Yawhima stretch.

This particular segment has become a source of great concern for residents of Sunyani and surrounding areas.

Despite the road construction project’s initiation during the Prof Atta-Mills era, it remains at a standstill, leaving the residents of New Dormaa, Kotokrom, and Yawhima in a state of distress.

The road’s terrible condition has led to numerous accidents and tragic loss of life, which Mr. Boahen notes, has had a significant impact on the local population.

Furthermore, the prolonged exposure to dust from the poorly maintained road has taken a toll on the health of individuals residing along the route.

The inhaling of dust particles has resulted in various health issues among residents, with many suffering from respiratory problems and other ailments.

The future of the Sunyani-Techiman road remains uncertain, as it is unclear when construction work will resume.

This unfortunate reality implies that those who regularly travel on this route or live in the vicinity will continue to endure extended travel times, inhaling dust, and experiencing unavoidable joint pains.

In conclusion, Richard Boahen paints a grim picture of the Sunyani-Techiman road, which, despite its historical importance, has fallen into a state of disrepair, causing distress to both motorists and commuters. The hope of relief hinges on the resumption of construction work, as locals are left to grapple with the unfortunate consequences of this transportation nightmare.

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