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Sunyani Women Reclaiming Their Agency in Decision-Making

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A group of married women in 15 communities in the Bono region of Ghana are challenging the status quo and taking steps to reclaim their agency in family decision-making. This ground-breaking initiative is spearheaded by the Global Media Foundation (GLOMEF) in collaboration with Plan International Ghana, with generous support from Global Affairs Canada.

These women have felt excluded from family decision-making processes due to a perception that their husbands aren’t treating them well.

This dilemma has led to a startling decision: these women have opted not to disclose their financial status to their spouses, as they often face difficulties when attempting to retrieve borrowed money.

The communities benefiting from this initiative include Yawmiri, Nkrakrom, Nkrankese, Yawhima, Mensahkrom, Watchman, Kwasifum, Nwonwasu, Kyeredua, Yawsae, Nsagobesa, Osofokrom, Kyerebogya, and Nwawasu.

One shining example of this empowerment journey unfolded in the Wawasua Community, where these concerns came to light. Most members of these communities are settlers from mostly Northern part of Ghana where women are not allowed to participate in certain issues and sometimes a taboo for women to take part in both community and family decision-making.

However, these cultures are still being practiced in various homes of these settlers from North.

According to them, they will only be transparent with their spouse only if they include the women in decision-making at both family and community levels.

These community advocacy dialogues, thoughtfully organized by Plan International Ghana, play a pivotal role in educating community members, especially men, about the myriad advantages of encouraging women’s economic participation.

These discussions empower women to take both individual and collective actions, solidifying their place in society. The project aims to deepen the knowledge of approximately 1,500 men and community members, fostering a better understanding of women’s rights and underscoring the importance of women’s involvement in decision-making at the household and community levels.

The winds of change are blowing through these communities, where women are seizing the opportunity to transform their lives and influence the future of Ghana. This initiative stands as a beacon of hope and progress, promising to rewrite the narratives of countless women in these small but determined communities.

The Women’s Innovation for Sustainable Enterprise (WISE) Project is a four-year initiative that aims to strengthen women’s organizations and leadership within these communities.

By amplifying women’s voices, the initiative aims to enhance their role in decision-making processes at various levels, including the household, community, region, and nation.

In addition to Plan International Ghana and GLOMEF, this project is implemented in partnership with URBANET, WIDO, and several private sector stakeholders who are dedicated to enhancing the economic empowerment and well-being of women across Ghana. The ultimate goal is to foster a more inclusive society where women play a vital role in shaping their communities.

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