Sureword Global Outreach inaugurates mission

Reverend David Asamoah Director Of The Sureword Global Outreach
Reverend David Asamoah Director Of The Sureword Global Outreach

The Reverend David Asamoah, Director of the Sureword Global Outreach, has called on Christians to show exemplary leadership skills in their fields to help the country out of its current difficulties.

He noted that integrity and apathy should be the hallmark of Christians to help to drive change in the country.

Rev. Asamoah was speaking at the inauguration of the Sureword Global Church and Missions in Accra, on Sunday.
He said the aim of the mission was to advance churches and bring relief to the poor and the marginalised in the society.

The Director said: “We are at the crossroad as a nation, a time that demands true leadership with character and integrity’, adding that the church has the power to influence to turn this around.

“The people out there are counting on us to lead the drive towards social change. Let us not disappoint them.”
Rev. Asamoah said majority of the people in the country identified with the Christian faith, but the values of Christianity were deficient in many areas.

“Talk about corruption, stealing, drug abuse, alcoholism, murder and many Christians would be caught in the net, he said.
Rev. Asamoah said many people were disillusioned with many leaders who claimed to be Christians because of their activities which sometimes fell short of the standards required of a Christian.

“We are seen as saying one thing on pulpits and doing the exact opposite in other spheres of life, adding given our Christian population of 70 per cent failure of leadership in church inevitably means failure of leadership in society.

Leadership which hinged on Christian and good values such as selfless, empathy and integrity were crucial to the development of any society,” Rev. Asamoah added.

He called on Ghanaians to support the national senior football team, the Black Stars, as they began the journey to win the World’s Cup tournament in faraway Qatar.

Bishop Harold Presley, European Director of the International Pentecost Church commended the Sureword global Outreach for their support to humanity in the country.

He urged Christians to emulate the virtues of Jesus Christ and serve mankind with love without and selfish interest.

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