?Survivor: Worlds Apart? has crowned the winner after 39 days in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The season finale began with five castaways Mike Holloway, Rodney Lavoie Jr., Carolyn Rivera, Will Sims and Sierra Thomas.

Before the reward challenge, they were reunited with their loved ones. Carolyn met her husband Joel, Mike met his mother Deborah, Rodney met his father Rodney Sr., Sierra reunited with her father Danny, and Will reunited with his wife Monifa.

Next was the reward challenge in which the castaways crawled through a net and slid tiles down a shuffleboard, then balanced the tiles on a machete through an obstacle course. They later used the tiles to solve a combination lock. Mike won the challenge and got to spend the afternoon with his mother as the reward. He also got an advantage for the immunity challenge in which he had 30 minutes to test the course with the help of his mom.

For the immunity challenge, the castaways were blindfolded in the center of a large maze and raced to find four medallions in the corners of the maze. Mike once again completed the challenge first and won immunity. At the Tribal Council, Sierra was voted out.

The next and last immunity challenge had the castaways climb a giant staircase and traverse a multilevel obstacle course to collect keys and puzzle bags that would be used to construct a lighthouse. Mike also won the immunity in this challenge.

Rodney and Will agreed to vote Carolyn out, but Mike told Carolyn that he would force a tie against Rodney and told Carolyn to practice making fire to win the tiebreaker challenge. At Tribal Council, Mike?s plan did work and Carolyn won the tiebreaker challenge, so she joined Mike and Will in the finals, while Rodney became the final member of the jury.

After enjoying a feast, the final three contestants met the jury at the final Tribal Council. Carolyn said she fought hard despite being much older than most of the other castaways. She was confronted by Tyler for backstabbing him, but she defended herself as saying that it was a difficult decision but she had to do it or else he would?ve won.

Will said he used his social game and giving nature to compensate for his lack of ?Survivor? knowledge. Jenn called out the jury, calling them ?the most bitter people I?ve ever met in my life,? and urged them to vote for Mike ?who deserves it.? Mike apologized to Dan for his actions at the Survivor Auction.

The jury then voted and the result was announced at the live reunion. Host Jeff Probst announced that Mike was the new Sole Survivor. He won the $1 million prize and would not be in the cast of next season?s ?Survivor? although he was in the top 10 of fans? votes.




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