Motor Riding
Motor Riding

Isn’t it high time we conducted some research of a kind study to find out the impact of the perennial administrative directive directing commanders of the MTTD department of the Ghana Police Service to disengage from the roads?

Motor Riding
Motor Riding
I think it will be prudent if we gathered data on the impact of the absence of the MTTD on the roads so that we can do a comprehensive academic analysis of that administrative directive to find out if it is has impacted positively or negatively in reducing the recklessness and carnage on our roads.

If the impact is positive, then fair enough. We enforce it the more. If is is negative or has helped to compound the already precarious carnage and lawlessness on our roads, then it means is negative and to the extent of its negativity we review it immediately or reverse it.

Anything short of a proper research to establish whether there is a need the for such orders, then we are doing ourselves, motoring public and pedestrians a great disservice and also harming the sensibilities of the men and women of the MTTD who always have to live the rumours, half truths and outright lies that always greets the coming into force of such an order.

Should we always be seen to be doing the bidding of the politicians? Is it always the time that they should be doing the thinking for us?

What is the use of our education if we cannot do anything on our own but wait for the politicians?

Sometimes it is almost as if there is semblance of a deliberate attempt to alienate the work of the MTTD and make it look as if it is the “bad boy” of all the departments of the police service.

Such subtle attempts covert or overt targeted at alienating the MTTD by the issuance of such administrative orders usually end up creating doubts and suspicion in the minds of the Ghanaian people.

In communication, it is said that if you create doubts, rumours takeover. And if you don’t tell your story, a story will be created and told about you.

Every now and then, there is one signal or the other emanating from headquarters instructing Commanders of the MTTD not to deploy or allow their men to mount motor checks on the highway, motorway and so on. It always comes with the caption “Suspension of Motor Check”

Such orders usually leave many wondering why an important function such as motor checking which is very pivotal to the work of the MTTD will be suspended.

But then again, because of the void that is created due to the lack of proper explanation as to why such an order is necessary, it opens up the rumour mill which then leads all of us into the realms of speculative absurdity.

It will be recalled that in 2008, prior to the elections, this directive was issued without clear reasons accompanying it and it lead to an automatic void been created leading to the public filling in the gap with all manner of wild allegations and rumours.

Whilst others were speculating that the then government was cash trapped so it “needed to bring in cocaine to augment its dwindling reserves” hence there was the need to get the MTTD of the roads for certain ends to be achieved, others too were of the view that they were given the government bad press.

In 2012, the same order was given for the MTTD to stay of the roads and as usual, no reasons were assigned and the rumour mill once again took the centre stage with all manner of speculations that the police especially the MTTD was making the government so unpopular and causing disaffection for it within sections of the motoring public as well as the general population.

And it therefore required that the order suspending MTTD should be activated again before it costs the government the power and so it was duly activated.

Sometimes, one wonders whether such an order can ever be extended to include the criminal investigations department, prosecutions, operations unit and so on. And why must it always be MTTD alone?


Fast forward to 2016, a month or two to the elections, the first thing to be banned before the contemplation to ban social media was ever dreamt about was again MTTD – suspension of motor check.

In the rumour mill again, were speculations not entirely different from what had been rumoured already in the previous two elections. In fact, it was a total recall of rumours “rumouring” about already known and over rumoured rumours. A rehash of rumours that were nothing but just rumours if you ask me.

2008 and 2012 rumours were sure banker for 2016. It played live!

But a very striking and strange development has greeted the 2016 suspension. The elections are over, there is a new government in place. The old IGP was “pulled out of service recently” at a ceremony that was held at the National Police Training School.

He has duly retired from service and a new one has been appointed to act until there is a council of state in place.

Whilst in acting capacity, the new IGP as if by design or perhaps acting on a script handed over to him by his predecessor has ordered that the order ordering a suspicion of motor check by the MTTD not to engage in motor check on the motorway and highways is still in force.

This in my view will further create more doubts, rumours and lies about the work of the MTTD as a department of the Ghana Police Service capable of alienating them more and causing them more pain.

To all members of the MTTD, I say to you there will always be someone or something willing to hurt you, put you down and gossip about you, but never let it brake you.

People will be little your contribution and judge your work but never be bothered about the marks or score they give you.

It is a fact all humans must brace themselves to face in all lives endeavours. If you realise that God is the best judge, you need not care about the judgment people have about you.

Stand firm and never give up and believe that when others cast stones at you, you should never be afraid and never should you feel worthless in the mist of all these suspensions targeted at you. Never feel alone. Never feel let down.

Let the news be told about you, the rumours said, spread and heard about you, let the truth or otherwise be implied and all the facts about you buried…

You shall triumph at the long run.

From your colleague in service to the nation, your brother and friend…

Abdul Hanan Mohammed EL-Saeed
Chiraa Police Station
Sunyani District/BA
[email protected]


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