Suwaiba’s Case Is Long Overdue-Coalition

Wpid Suwaiba Abdul Mumin
Wpid Suwaiba Abdul Mumin

The Coalition of Ghanaian Youth for Justice for Suwaiba (CGYJS) after?its press conference a couple of weeks ago, continues to keenly?monitor events with respect to Suwaiba’s disappeared baby more than?ever, and will like to remark forcefully that;

– Inasmuch as we gladly welcome the Ministry’s decision to somewhat?take actions against the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital’s (KATH) CEO,?Doctor and Midwife on duty, we still feel it’s been long overdue, and?not in the least punitive enough to serve as a deterrent to other?health personnel from such a professional misconduct in the near?future. At this point,we are appalled and fast losing faith and?confidence in the Ministry of Health’s(MoH) abysmal way of handling?the matter at hand so far. The question many keep asking is; how could?a 14-day ultimatum abruptly turn into a 48-day ultimatum without?justifiable reasons whatsoever? Suffice it to say, that, this action.?only portrays the ministry as an institution that is either?disinterested in unravelling this mystery merely due to Suwaiba’s?deprived background or a complete lack of forthrightness on the part?of its leadership.We see it as not only shameful, but also morally?reprehensible which should not be entertained by well meaning?Ghanaians interested in truth and justice for all.

– The absolute silence of the many Human Rights watch groups in the?country on an incident of this magnitude is something we find
grievously amazing. Indeed,we are ?at a complete loss at this sudden?development leading us into doubting the genuineness of their?advocacy. Are they in anyway telling us that this matter is irrelevant?or they are simply being selective in their choice of advocacy? for?us, it is our deepest understanding that, in matters of truth and?justice, there is no difference between large and small problems.For?issues like this,political correctness often whitewashes the darker?side of reality.

In this regard, we still anticipate all human right watch groups,civil?society,women’s groups,religious bodies etc. to not only join the?justice campaign for Suwaiba and the other victims, but also be at the?forefront and significantly contribute ?towards finding a lasting?solutions to this despicable incident that is fast becoming an?albatross on the nation.

– As we indicated in our earlier statement,we continue to acknowledge?and commend the media for their relentless, unbiased, and professional?nature of ?reportage ever since this issue broke out.?However,we wish to quickly draw the attention of some section of the?media to as a matter of urgency, refrain from referring to Suwaiba’s?baby as ?stillborn.This has the potency of exacerbating her torturous?condition. Indeed, investigations have so far proven, that neither the?doctor on duty nor the mortuary attendant had any evidence to that?effect, and this vindicates the stance Suwaiba has always held.

– It is now explicit from the available evidence from KATH’s own?investigation that, the recklessness and professional negligence on?the part of some doctors and midwives occasioned the disappearance of?all the missing babies in question.We therefore ?call on the?appropriate security agencies to immediately step in and initiate a?thorough investigation leading to the apprehension of the culprits for?prosecution.This we believe will not only be proper, but also the?surest way of unravelling this mystery.

Injustice , anywhere,is a threat to justice everywhere


Mariama Mohammed
Scofray Nana Yeboah
Mustapha Abdul Hamid
Baba Musah

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