EDO Wave- Making Pastor, ISEARL OBASEKI

Divine Grace of Glory Church, situated in Ajaji Street Area of Upper Mission Road in Benin-City, is one of the fastestgrowing churches in Edo State. The church, which started in a kiosk, has now grown to a magnificent cathedral with a membership of not fewer than 2,000 members. The Pastor and Founder of the Church, Pastor Israel Obaseki, recently spoke to SUNNY OJEIDUMA on how he started the ministry.

What made you look for Pastor T. B. Joshua? And how did you meet him?

When I had some challenges at the formative stage of my church, the Divine Grace of Glory church in Benin- City , l went to synagogue church of all Nations to meet with the pastor prophet T.B. Joshua, because l really love his ministration .l heard of him many years ago, while l was in lbadan. I used to watch him on the local television stations; even then l never agreed with his preaching until l came into the ministry and l began to discover some things and carefully prayed with my wife, then discovered that the man is not a false Prophet. I learnt so many things from his teachings.

Then I had to go to Synagogue Church of All Nations to pray and I was opportune to meet with him and he prayed and blessed me .He counseled me and gave me what exactly a father would give to his son. Before then, l never met with him, but, the way he received me, encouraged me so much. Since then he has been my mentor.

Aside blessings, what is that other thing he gave to you?

The only thing he gave to me was anointing water, which he blessed, and he also gives this to other people. Even that first time I met with him, I was having challenges in my marriage. I got married for many years, and there was no issue. People were mocking me that I could pray but no children. So when I met with T. B. Joshua, he said I should not worry .What he did was that he gave me anointing water, one for me ,one for my church, one for my wife, so when I got to Benin- City, in told my wife and we began to use the anointing water. My wife had fibroids, but she gave birth to our 1st child and seconds as well by the grace of God. There was nothing else he gave to me rather than praying for me and giving me the anointing water.

Since you came back from T. B. Joshua, has it had any effect to your church or ministry?

Great effect, very, very clear, because before ?I when to Pastor T. B. Joshua, my church was just a kiosk, I have the photograph. It was a kiosk .I used the anointing water which he gave me and I used to pray as he told me that ?Father I? agree with Faith with your Prophet T. B. Joshua ,bless me and bless my ministry, I want to see the result . You God that has been his God, also be my God .So it happen and somebody came and paid for the land .See this building edify you are seeing today is just about one year plus. People ask me how I built this church. I have no answer at all. I say it is God .Someone will just tell me, Pastor doesn?t worry; I will foot that bill for you. Like play, like joke, the person will just do it

My closeness to pastor T. B. Joshua is the subject of discussion in so many churches but the truth is that many of us pastors are jealous of one another and this is very wrong. The thing is that God has used him to bless me. Some of the women have also said that I am unclean, that l am a cultist, that Prophet T. B. Joshua has initiated me into a cult .I am not bothered about this, So it is those that have nothing doing that will begin to gossip and ?I see that as gossiping. I am not bothered

Because I know God is taking me somewhere.

What is your stand on miracles?

My stand on miracles is on the name of Jesus Christ. The truth is that what God does not give, cannot last, and there is no need for tricking people. Jesus came that we may have life and have it more abundantly. If God truly calls anyone, such person will have the grace of God to perform. Miracle is not by going to native? doctor to put mark on the tongue, put mark on your body? or use dirty native water to bath you-no,no,no. Every knee must bow at the name of Jesus. I stand in the name of Jesus for general solutions and it is working for me.

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