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Tackling climate change from biblical perspective: Case of WVG’s Empowered World View

Feature Climate Change
Feature Climate Change

“And the Lord God took the man and placed him in the lush embrace of the Garden of Eden, entrusting him with its care and nurturing. We acknowledge that all creations are God’s domain, and as stewards, we are accountable to Him.” – (Genesis 2:15).

The Bible highlights humankind’s profound responsibility to preserve and protect the environment, with a divine decree that it be managed with utmost care for the glory of God and the prosperity of humanity.

Yet, as the years pass, the delicate tapestry of our climate continues to unravel, with humanity neglecting its sacred duty despite reaping immense benefits from the Earth’s bounties.

Amidst this crisis, people of faith, particularly Christians, bear an immense role in safeguarding our planet, and the Church stands as a formidable agent for transforming minds and hearts, urging the populace to unite in mitigating the harrowing effects of climate change.

Mr. Benjamin Sarbah, the Faith and Development Manager at World Vision Ghana (WVG), emphatically asserts that faith leaders and women must take centre stage in climate decision-making processes, for they possess the power to effect significant change.

Mr. Sarbah believes that involving faith-based leaders will enable them to comprehend the escalating consequences of climate change and inspire their congregants to alter their behaviours in response.

“Research has unequivocally shown that the inclusion of faith leaders and women in climate change decision-making processes leads to more effective and sustainable solutions. Engaging women in this process bolsters gender equality and empowers them to become active warriors in combating the global climate crisis,” he passionately affirms.

Moreover, Mr. Sarbah underscores the pivotal role of religious teachings in providing fundamental solutions to the daunting problem of climate change, emphasising that faith leaders must be active participants in the decision-making process.

Highlighting the remarkable strides made in recent years, Mr. Sarbah unveils an extraordinary collaboration between WVG, Akrofi Christaller Institute (ACI), Challenge Enterprise of Ghana, A ROCHA Ghana and the Church of Pentecost in the implementation of the groundbreaking and dynamic faith-based Empowered World View (EWV) project model, specially designed to empower national faith leaders, individuals, and communities to examine
beliefs, mindsets, and behaviours in light of scripture and God’s divine plan.

Mr. Sarbah emphasises that this training will equip faith leaders across different denominations with the necessary skills to take decisive action against climate change while addressing the specific challenges faced by their communities.

Amidst the growing suffering endured by humanity due to climate change, Reverend Mrs. Wilson Comfort Marfo, the National Director of the Children’s Ministry of the Assemblies of God Church Ghana, believes that the transformative power of God’s word can herald a new era.

Sharing her profound insights at a recent EVW training programme in Accra, Rev. Marfo passionately asserts that the Church bears a sacred responsibility to educate society about the critical importance of preserving God’s creation, a crucial step towards averting the impending dangers of climate change.

“The EWV model has broadened my understanding of how biblical teachings can profoundly impact people, especially within the children’s ministry of my church, the Assemblies of God,” she said.

Rev. Marfo ardently believes that by nurturing and protecting God’s creation, we invite His blessings into our lives. She immediately pledges to initiate a fervent campaign against plastic pollution within her congregation, recognising its urgent significance.

She advocates the involvement of children in this transformative process, encouraging other faith leaders to adopt various programmes that actively combat the multifaceted issues posed by climate change.

It is worth stating that being a faithful Christian entail more than sharing the gospel; it demands a deep reverence for God’s creation – the Earth, trees and water bodies.

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