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Tackling Waste Management In Ghana


WASTE management, a major component of environmental sanitation has over?the years been a terrifically headache for ghanaian, government, local authorities and people in general.while the growth of towns and cities has resulted in increase population, coupled with increase socioeconomic activities, there has not been a corresponding increased in essential logistics for effective and efficient waste management services.
This has contributed immensely to the difficulties facing Metropolitan and District Assemblies as well as the central government in efforts to improve upon? the living environment of urban Centers.This undesirable situation does not only adversely impact on public heath but also contribute to the upsurge in the incidence of such communicable diseases as cholera. typhoid fever, dysentery and malaria.Zoom lion appeared on the scene as a waste management company and it has been one major innovative upheaval in the sector.There were waste maganeenemt companies operating in the country prior to Zoomlion”s entry but they all seemed overwhelmed? by the task at hand.In only about 6 years, Zoom lion has become a household name in Ghana and it is not as if Ghanaian are not seing rubbish around or that people are not indiscriminately littreing around, but Zoomlions efficiency in working and helping in reducing the waste in the country has placed the company at the forefront of waste management in the copuntry.Zoom lion, through its requisite expertise, technical and managerial competence has been able to capture the hearts of an increasingly environmentally sensitive Ghanian populace.

??? Employing a huge workforce, the company has some of the most modernized waste management equipment in the country including Compaction Tracks, Skip Loaders, Ship-shape Sweepeers, Cesspit emptier, Water tanker and tricycle waste collectors. it is no wonder that residents in the capital have felt cheated since the Accra Metropolitan Assembly introduce its zonal programmes which has now shifted? other companies.The programme means zoom lion is now assiged to specific areas whiel other waste management companies also take to other communities in the cities.

Not that we want Zoom lion to take over everything but they are good……. Adwoa is at madina, but since they started this zonal programme and moved Zoomlion from here come and see the heap of rubbish in her house.Most resident that EDU/AFRIQUE spoke to complained belly fully that they are not certain when and how their waste bins will be emptied as they have no contact information of the said?
accredited?wastecontractors,except those of the AMA.
??? Some said they are left with no other alternative? than and look for dumping sites to dispose off them.
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