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Sod that: pickaxes, spades and cutting the ‘sword’

In the run-up to every election in Ghana, our politicians go into a frenzy of photo-opportunities, – sod cutting for all manner of projects,...
Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

Relevance of Nkrumah’s Vision for Ghana and Africa

MATTERS ARISING – ADE SAWYERR Will Africa ever achieve the potential envisaged by the leaders at independence? Will Africa ever rid itself of the poverty that...

The unending task of explaining what Christianity is

“Why do you worry when your Lord never sleeps…..prayer for forgiveness, should be our guiding staff, and we will sing Alleluia and never never...
E. A. Ammah

Marion Kilson Writes about E.A Ammah’s Vision

In 2016 Sub-Saharan Publishers will publish Kings, Priests, & Kinsmen: Essays on Ga Culture and Society by E. A. Ammah, edited by Marion Kilson....

African alphabets and the QWERTY Keyboard problem

London??2013 ? by Ade Sawyerr   ?I attended??ABC??at?Frankfurt?House the James Manye Naa Afimpong?s House before we moved to the james Town Mantse?s Palace at Mantse Agbonaa.??Our teacher...

The collapse of the ?Peoples Party? vote in the Ghanaian elections.

Do they really represent the people? ? by Ade Sawyerr   Nearly 72 hours after the close in the polls at the Ghanaian general elections on...