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Malcolm X Speaks At Wayne State University Nov

Three Speeches in Detroit (1963-1965): Malcolm X from the Grassroots to the African Revolution

Lessons delivered then have implications for the 21st century Note: These remarks were delivered at an African American History Month virtual webinar hosted by the...
Arturo Alfonso Schomburg As A Young Man

Arturo Alfonso Schomburg Played an Integral Role in Founding African Studies

Puerto Rican born advocate of national independence and historical reclamation sought to document the contributions of Black people worldwide Born in 1874 in Puerto Rico,...
kwame nkrumah and fathia with the du boises aug

Rebellion, emigration and the development of Pan-Africanism

International Dimensions in the Resistance to the Atlantic Slave Trade and Colonialism Commentary African American History Month Series No. 5 Beginning in the early decades of the...
ida b. wells barnett marching in washington d.c. womens suffrage demonstration in 1913

Further Reflections on Women’s Suffrage and African Emancipation

African American History Month Series No. 4 From the antebellum period through the Civil War and Jim Crow the issues of gender and race were...