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One killed in election-related shooting in Albania

A man was shot dead in clashes between rival Albanian political party activists - in which four others, including a police officer, also suffered...

Airlines working in Albania compensate 700 travelers

A total of 700 passengers were compensated by airline companies operating in Albania due to delays or cancellations in 2018 and 1,200 are underway,...
AFP © Getty Images/AFP/File / by Jennifer O'Mahony | Energy firms say Senegal and Mauritania's current oil and gas ventures will transform them into net exporters by 2020

Gulf Oil Organization in Albania probed over fraudulent activity

"Gulf" oil company, one of the biggest oil firms in Albania, is under investigation for fraud scheme of selling coupons worth 1.5 million euros...
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Albania to draft climate protection law by 2018

Albania will prepare a legal package with main acts for climate protection within 2018, sources from the Ministry of Environment told local media on...

MHRMI announces date for new elections

As per Macedonia’s constitution, Macedonian Human Rights Movement International calls on Macedonia’s caretaker government to deny a mandate to the SDSM/DUI coalition, reject their...

Albania increases public administration employees’ salaries by 10 percent

The salaries of employees working in Albania's public administration sector will increase by around 10 percent starting from March 8, the Albanian minister of...

Albania to receive tranche of US$77.6 million from IMF

Albania looks to receive a tranche of 77.6 million U.S. dollars from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), local media reported on Sunday. ...

Albania’s population grows to 2.88 million

Albania's population was estimated to be 2.88 million as of Jan. 1, 2017, the National Institute of Statistics (INSTAT), said on Monday. ...

US Congressman Calls For Macedonia To Be Partitioned

As if the first partition of Macedonia wasn’t enough, US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher decided to call for the further partition of Macedonia, saying “I...

Albania, Austria agree to recognize pension contributions

Albania and Austria Wednesday signed an agreement on recognition of pension contributions, the Albanian government said in a statement. The agreement was...

Albania, World Bank negotiate on US$150 million road project

Albania and the World Bank are concluding an agreement on a 150-million-U.S.-dollar project aimed at improving maintenance of roads in Albania, local media reported...

Albania reports decreased trade with Western Balkan economies

Trade was losing steam in the first 11 months of this year between Albania and various economies of the Western Balkans, official data revealed...
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Ukraine, Albania adopt visa-free policy

Ukraine and Albania on Friday adopted a mutual visa-free policy to boost their economic cooperation and tourism, Ukrainian authorities said. The agreement on lifting the...

Rhodes Hosts Conference for Security & Stability

On the initiative of Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias the 1st Conference for Security and Stability will be held in Rhodes on the 8th and...
Convenient Banking with IC Bank and WIZZIT

IC Bank Make Giant Strides in Innovative Disruption

The launch of Zing marks a critical turning point for the traditionally cash-rich nation and is surprisingly being adopted and implemented by one of...

Facebook Allows Anti-Macedonian Hate Speech On Pages

What kind of community with no standards does Facebook think we live in? This sounds a lot like the “freedom of speech” excuse for...

Sadiku goal pushes Albania ahead in Euro 2016

Albania pulled off one of the biggest upsets of Euro 2016 thus far as they defeated Romania 1-0 in Group A on Sunday. Gianni De...

Albania sees more in export enterprises

Mini companies, staffed with one to nine personnel, and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) accounted for 95.9 percent of the total, the report said,...
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Statistics relates poor driving culture to most accidents in Albania

Statistics showed that 74 percent of the fatal accidents in the country were caused by drivers' misconduct, 22 percent by motorcycle or bicycle riders...

NATO establishes a center in Albania to check extremism

Albanian Defense Minister Mimi Kodheli said that Tirana's proposal was approved by the alliance's 28 member countries at a time "when the phenomenon of...

In 2015 Albania registered a rise in debt of 13.9 percent

Total external debt of the Southeastern European country stood at 7.6 billion euros (8.5 billion dollars), with 41 percent in government debt, 23 percent...

Albania’s exports grew by 8.9 percent over the last 5-years

Albania's exports have increased at an annual average rate of 8.9 percent in the last five years, the Albanian Institute of Statistics said in...

Albania’s industrial sector turnover falls 4.4%

The mining and quarrying activities fell sharply by 37.2 percent year-on-year, Albanian Daily News reported Monday, citing the latest report of the National Institute...

Albania’ low inflation rate shows how weak the its economy stands

The inflation rate of Albania fell to 1.9 percent by the end of 2015, said the newspaper, which cited experts as saying that the...

Albania and UNICEF sign pact on child internet safety

The agreement was signed between the Albania Ministry of Innovation and Public Administration, Ministry of Education and Sports, Ministry of Youth and Social Welfare...

Foreign language film Oscar receives 81 entries

The 2015 submissions are: Afghanistan, "Utopia," Hassan Nazer, director; Albania, "Bota," Iris Elezi, Thomas Logoreci, directors; Algeria, "Twilight of Shadows," Mohamed Lakhdar Hamina, director; Argentina, "The Clan," Pablo...

Crown agents debunk corruption allegations levelled against it in Albania

British company Crown Agents responded on Saturday to the allegations on corruption in Albania when it implement its contract with Albanian customs. Crown Agents...

England face Scotland while Spain and Italy are paired in World Cup draw

Spain and Italy?will battle it out with Albania, Israel, Liechtenstein and Macedonia in qualification for World Cup 2018 Spain and Italy have been drawn together...

Albania chase more money with new tourism laws

A draft law on tourism was scrutinized by the Albanian Parliamentary Committee on Monday. The Draft law "On Tourism" and a package of measures...

Albania’s RTSH signed an MOU with OSCE and EBU on reforms

Albania's public broadcaster RTSH on Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the...