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Ghana Federation Of Disability Organisations Gfdo

PWDs analyze manifestos of political parties

The Ghana Federation of Disability Organizations (GFD) has called on Political parties to endeavor to elevate the National Council on Persons with Disability into...
AFP/File / Sebastien Bozon Doctors have previously noted a high correlation between depression and dementia in patients, though the nature of the relationship is not known

Global study to analyze ICU patient data to guide COVID-19 treatments

A global study of intensive care units (ICU) will use artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover the best standards of treatment for COVID-19, and help...
Charlotte Osei

I Never Take Decisions Single-handedly For EC – Charlotte Osei

Charlotte Osei has been accused for single-handedly taking decisions on behalf of the EC. To her, any conclusions reached on matters concerning the Commission are...

Experts Analyze Nyanya Bombing

By Michael Chima Ekenyerengozi During the morning rush hour on April 14, a car bomb containing an estimated 500-800 pounds of explosives blew up at...
Wpid Glafuente

Por Causa uses data journalism to analyze the roots of poverty

In the ephemeral world of the web, where a new digital guru or social media expert seems to be born every minute, Gumersindo Lafuente...