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Relocation program of unaccompanied refugee minors from Greece across EU continues despite COVID-19

The relocation program of unaccompanied refugee minors from Greece to other EU member states continues despite the COVID-19 challenge, after it was launched a...
Illustration: Liu Rui from Global Times

A changing global political structure amid COVID-19

by Yu Shuaishuai, Ren Ke and Liu Pinran As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, the global political structure is changing: amid a...
Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis (C) walks along the German Ambassador to Greece Ernst Reichel (L) and the Greek Alternate Minister of Migration and Asylum Giorgos Koumoutsakos in Athens, Greece, on April 18, 2020. TO GO WITH "Greek PM urges for more European solidarity as 49 unaccompanied refugee minors depart for Germany" (Xinhua/Marios Lolos)

Greece eases 6-week coronavirus lockdown, focuses on measures to “stay safe”

Greeks have started a gradual return to normalcy on Monday, with the partial lifting of the restrictive measures imposed on March 23 to contain...
Men hold Greek flags in front of the Greek parliament during an anti-austerity rally in Athens, Greece, on July 13, 2015. (Xinhua/Marios Lolos)

Largest public hospital mirrors Greece’s effective COVID-19 fight

by Maria Spiliopoulou, Valentini Anagnostopoulou Behind the protective masks, doctors and nurses at Evaggelismos general hospital in Athens these days are smiling. ...

Greece’s management of COVID-19 sets example

by Maria Spiliopoulou, Valentini Anagnostopoulou Greece has won praise internationally this spring from scientists and the media for its management of the COVID-19...

PAOK fans clash with police for breaking lockdown rules

Greek club PAOK Thessaloniki supporters ignored the lockdown rules to gather on Monday to celebrate the club's 94th birthday. More than 200...
Men hold Greek flags in front of the Greek parliament during an anti-austerity rally in Athens, Greece, on July 13, 2015. (Xinhua/Marios Lolos)

Greece opens book for new 7-year bond

Greece on Wednesday morning opened the book for the new seven-year bond it had announced on Tuesday, according to the country's Public Debt Management...

Greece plans to tap bond markets for covering financial needs

Greece is considering to tap the bond markets in the next couple of months to cover its financing needs, Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said...

Greek antiquities’ untold imprints on “what we fought for” in 1821

At a museum in Athens these days, history buffs are thrilled to have a fresh glimpse of what imprints Greek antiquities have left on...
world economy

Impact of coronavirus on world economy to be temporary

by George Georgakopoulos The impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic on the global economy and trade will be temporary, experts have...

Bank of Greece issues commemorative coins to mark 2,500th anniversary of historic battles

The Bank of Greece (BoG) has just issued a series of commemorative coins to mark the 2,500th anniversary of the battle of Thermopylae and...

Refugee, migrant arrivals to Greece spike in 2019

Greece witnessed 74,482 refugee and migrant arrivals in 2019, significantly higher than the figure of 50,508 registered in 2018, according to a weekly report...

Half of Greece covered in snow

Greece was gripped by a cold front which has sent temperatures plummeting, resulting in half the country covered in snow, as it celebrated the...
Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines to resume flight to Athens

Ethiopian Airlines announces the resumption of its flight to Athens, Greece effective December – 13, 2019. Ethiopian has resumed the service to the city...

Athens First Chocolate Festival Opens

A galaxy of pastry chefs, chocolatiers and confectioners have come together at the Technopolis cultural complex in Athens to show chocolate making techniques during...
Greek Satellite

Greece Makes A Statement with Its New Satellite Launch

A new Hellas Sat satellite was successfully launched this week strengthening Greece's presence in space, as the country is exploring economic benefits in all...
The highway between Athens and Lamia, a few kilometers outside of the town of Malakasa, on Thursday afternoon.

Greece snow and storms: 1 dead, 2 missing

An elderly woman died and two men went missing on Saturday as cold front "Sophia" continued sweeping across Greece, national news agency AMNA reported....

Greece eyes bond issues up to US$7.98 billion in 2019

Greece intends to tap the global money markets for 3 to 7 billion euros (3.42-7.98 billion U.S. dollars) next year, according to the Financing...

Oxford Professor Joins MHRMI’s Call to End the Anti-Macedonian Name Negotiations

In a speech on April 15th, 2018, as reported in the Athens newspaper ‘Kathimerini’, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called on Greece and Turkey...
Twin Otter plane

Two dead in little plane crash in Greece

Two persons who were on board a single-engine aircraft which crashed in central Greece near the village Skaloma Fokidas, about 200 kilometers northwest of...
Real Madrid's Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his goal during the Champions League football match 2nd leg against Schalke 04 at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid, Spain, March 10, 2015. (Xinhua/Eduardo Dieguez)

Real Madrid Thrash Panathinaikos Beyond Measure

Spain's Real Madrid beat Greek hosts Panathinaikos 89-82 on Thursday in Game 2 of the Euroleague playoffs here. The series was tied 1-1 as Panathinaikos...
Eta Zuma surface coal mine pit, Okobo, Kogi State

Northern Greece village to be relocated after mine collapse, no injury

A village in northern Greece was evacuated and will be relocated after a mine collapse in the area, which caused no injuries, national news...

Football game at Greek prison supports inmate rehabilitation

Behind the concrete walls and barbed wire of Greece's largest maximum security prison complex at Korydallos, a suburb of Piraeus port near the capital...
European Union

EU must provide answers to people’s problems – Frank-Walter Steinmeier

The European Union (EU) is facing a crisis which goes beyond Brexit and will not blow over in a few months or years. As...
Boris Johnson

Britain, EU can get Brexit deal that works for both sides – Boris Johnson

Britain and the European Union can reach an agreement on Brexit which will work for both sides, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said during...
real estate

Real estate property inheritance disclaimers in Greece on rise

The number of Greeks who disclaimed inheritance of real estate property as they are unable to bear the burden of debts and relevant property...

Cargo vessel safely towed to Piraeus port for repairs

A Belize-flagged cargo vessel with 12 crew members on board was being safely towed to Piraeus port on Wednesday for repairs, Greek Coast Guard...

Most Greeks think delay in bailout review bad for economy

Greek citizens fear that further delay in the conclusion of the pending bailout review will bring more negative effects on the country's economy, according...

Greece likely needs fourth bailout

Greece will likely need a fourth bailout program, according to Cypriot economist and 2010 Nobel laureate Christoforos Pissarides. "I am afraid...
real estate

Greece’s real estate price plunges by 41.3 percent since 2008

The average real estate price for residential and commercial properties in Greece has plunged by 41.3 percent since 2008 and will continue to drop...