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Agric Journalists trained to hold stakeholders accountable on CFI commitments

Agricultural journalists have been schooled in Accra on the Cocoa and Forest Initiative (CFI), in order to end deforestation and promote forest protection and...

Theologian calls for paradigm shift in Ghanaian values

He said the loss of moral values had hindered Ghana’s development. He explaining that some of the key moral values such as respect for the...

Socialist Forum salutes the working people of Ghana

We express our full solidarity with the working people in their struggles for better working and living conditions within the context of the drive...

London documentary maker to probe language endangerment in Ghana

Pamela Sakyi - the writer and director behind the 'British Ghanaians: Lost in Translation' documentary - plans to start filming a sequel in Ghana...

Trôofê African Festival Opens In Accra

The festival has been remarkably successful over the years in attracting over 1,000 festival goers of different nationalities. For four consecutive years, The Trôofê Soup...