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Amanda Bynes Shares Selfie On Twitter

Amanda Bynes has returned to Twitter. The 28-year-old actress took to Twitter on Tuesday, January 13 to share a close-up photo of half of...

The officer slapped my v*g*n*-Amanda Bynes claims

Internal Affairs are looking into the allegations of sexual assault made by Amanda Bynes, an NYPD spokesman announced on Saturday. Bynes has claimed that during...

Amanda Bynes Placed At The Right Spot By Rihanna

For those who aren?t following the public meltdown of former Nikelodeon teen queen Amanda Bynes, she?s displayed some very peculiar behavior lately, including an...

Amanda Bynes Again!? This Time She Labels Jay-Z As ?ugly?

Amanda Bynes, the tabloid gift that keeps on giving, is back in the headlines for bad behavior. She reportedly posted a mean tweet about...