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China’s new reforms to fuel anti-corruption campaigns

The RTI Law: A tool to combat corruption or otherwise?

Over the years, journalists, civil society and anti-corruption advocates have campaigned for the passage of the Right to Information (RTI) Bill and argued that...

The Ghanaian Media: A Muzzled Watchdog?

The media is regarded as the fourth estate of the realm and obliged to serve as a watchdog of society, encouraging transparency and accountability...

The 1948 Riot: A Catalyst For Ghana’s Independence

Over many years of colonial rule, the struggle for independence took a fast turn after the 1948 riots, which was the last straw that...

The Life of a 13-year Old ” Fisherman” At Chorkor

Children are not supposed to be exposed to labour which is beyond their mental and physical strength. Hard labour deprives children of their potentials,...
Sanitation City

Diseases on Sale

Sanitation over the years, has become a serious challenge in most developing countries and Ghana, our homeland country has not been an exception. In...
Kaneshie footbridge

A Ticking Time Bomb, Kaneshie Footbridge

Dear Editor, Congestion in Accra has made it very difficult for one to commute on foot with ease in the capital city. Pedestrians do not...