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human trafficking

Tanzanian police discover new tactics used by human traffickers

Tanzanian police said on Thursday they have discovered new tactics used by human traffickers in border areas to sneak in illegal immigrants from abroad. ...

Namibia needs to discover new mines to continue supporting economy

Namibia's mining sector will continue to be an important contributor to the economy only if new mines are discovered, Namibia's Minister of Mines and...
real estate

East African real estate investors discover the working class

The last 20 years of real estate boom in East Africa has changed our building landscape and inventory, as it quite rightly should have...
Discovery Channel Don't Stop Wondering Award

Come Let’s Discover The World Together

There are only two weeks left to enter the Don't Stop Wondering Award The Discovery Channel Don't Stop Wondering Award is back for its second...

Researchers discover “miracle material” for field of spintronics

A University of Utah-led team has discovered that a class of "miracle materials" called organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites could be a game changer for future...
A cancer cell (Image from Wikipedia.org)

Researchers in Australia find ways to preventing mutation, spreading of cancer

Australian scientists have made a breakthrough in preventing cancer from mutating in the body. The team from Melbourne's Olivia Newton-John (ONJ) Cancer Wellness and Research...

Australian scientists discover genes responsible for degenerative eye disease

Australian scientists have discovered evidence of genes that cause a degenerative eye disease that leads to blindness for the first time. Research...

Aussie researchers discover molecule responsible for inflammatory diseases

Australian scientists have discovered a potent molecule responsible for inflammatory diseases. In a study published on Thursday, researchers form Melbourne's Walter and...
HIV budding out of a T-cell, part of the immune system.

Aust’n researchers discover how HIV virus “evades” immune system

Australian researchers have come a step closer to understanding how the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) evades the immune system. The "unexpected"...
A truck crosses from Rwanda into Tanzania at Rusumo Border. (File)

Rwanda private sector to explore market potential in Congo-Brazzaville

The seven-day trade mission is part of broader efforts to promote Rwanda exports to the rest of Africa and the world, and will involve...
Wxin/Dreamstime.Com Cicada aficionados boil or fry them up like shrimp.

Experts discover nutritional value of insect in Africa

The International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) said that the stink bug is a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants, and has...

Gifty Osei Sets Out to Discover Music Talents in 2016

Gospel songstress Gifty Osei aka Empress One, organized a thanksgiving service for Empress Ministry Group – which was formed some few years back. Gifty, who’s...
European Union

EU stresses pressing need to discover enduring answer for Syria emergency

The foreign ministers made the appeal at a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council of the EU in Luxembourg, where they adopted Council Conclusions...

Nigerian troops discover illegal oil bunkering site

Nigerian troops operating in oil rich Rivers State has uncovered a massive illegal oil bunkering site located one kilometer along the Nigerian Ports Authority...

A Scientists In Florida Has Seen A New Way Cutting Off Cancer

Mayo Clinic Department of Cancer Biology Professor Panos Anastasiadis The key to beating cancer may lie in reprogramming its cells, according to research in...

NASA’s WISE Telescope discovered most luminous galaxy ever

U.S. space agency (NASA) said in Washington on Friday that its Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) telescope has discovered a remote galaxy that shines...

Teacher fired after her 40-minute porn video was posted online

Lucie 5334 Identified only as Lucie, the 35-year-old teacher and mother of two from Ceska Lipa in northwest Czech Republic, was fired after a 40-minute...

Researchers in Australia find breath-testing for malaria

Australian researchers have developed a breath test for the malaria disease, which could help reduce thousands of deaths. Doctors usually use microscopes to examine...

TAT and Air Asia partner up for co-branding

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has entered into a co-branding partnership with one of the world?s largest low-cost carriers, Air Asia in which...

French police discover 5 dead babies in a freezer

French police have found the bodies of five babies in a home in south-western France, news reports said late Thursday. A man described as the...
Members of the Izadi community are seen while fleeing into Syria to avoid ISIL terrorists.

Kurdish fighters in Iraq discover mass grave of 25 members of the Izadi community

Kurdish fighters in Iraq have discovered a mass grave containing the remains of about 25 members of the Izadi community murdered by ISIL terrorists...

Discover More From TRACE Urban

TRACE Urban is the string of hits Hip-Hop and R'n'B. Every day, explore the rich urban culture and enjoy its music, its people and...

Carmudi Ghana Discover Escape From Online Fraud

Carmudi Ghana, an automotive marketplace, has contractually partnered with Tema Car Dealers Association, one of the largest auto retailing groups in Ghana. The chairman of...

‘Stupidity’ Virus Discovered By Scientists

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Nebraska have discovered a virus that may increase dumbness in people. The scientists stumbled upon the...

Emirates introduce innovative travel rewards programme

Mr. Hendrik Du Preez, Emirates' Country Manager Ghana has urged frequent travelers who desire an extraordinary travel experience to enroll with Emirates' innovative travel...

Environmentalists against Rosneft oil exploration

Russian energy giant Rosneft says it has discovered oil with its US project partner Exxon Mobil at a controversial well in the Arctic. Drilling was...

A car loaded with explosives impounded

by Joy Ekeke The Police Sunday aborted what would have been a bloodbath following the discovery of a car loaded with explosives at Shiek...

Human skeletons have been found in a secondary school

Police in Aba, Abia State are battling to unravel the mystery behind the discovery of two human skeletons at farm at Wilcox Memorial Comprehensive...

Discover More Talents?Alex Osei Tells Film Producers

Many are those who have quetched about the fact that most Ghanaian film producers don?t give the upcoming movie actors the opportunity to unearth...

Discovered: Bomb Manucacturing Base At Kano

The Joint Security Task Force (JTF) said that it discovered a high calibre bomb factory at Gunduwawa village in Gezawa Local Government Area...