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India: Passenger Train Commutes 10 kms Without Engine

India's Railway Ministry on Sunday ordered a high-level probe and suspended seven officials for negligence after 22 coaches of a passenger train traveled backward...
global growth

BRICS could become the next global engine for growth

The BRICS summit will be held in Xiamen, East China's Fujian Province next week. The meeting holds particular importance as to whether this mechanism...
Wpid Money Growth

Australian economist says China to remain engine of world economic growth in a decade

China has managed its economy better than expected and will still be the engine of the world's economic growth in the next ten years,...
bamboo bicycle

British Foreign Secretary Access Support To Boomers International

The British Foreign Secretary, Mr Boris Johnson, has met with Mr Kwabena Danso, the Chief Executive Officer of Booomers International, manufactures of bamboo bicycles,...

Cteq Limited Wins Contract To Supply Medical Equipment To Ghana

The United Kingdom Foreign Secretary Mr Boris Johnson has announced an 18.5 million contract won by Cteq Limited, a British Company to supply medical...

Jet diverts as engine malfunctions

 A China Eastern Airlines’ plane A China Eastern Airlines’ flight from London to Shanghai Pudong was diverted to a Russian airport yesterday due to...

Guinea’s mining sector hit by ongoing strike

After the start of the strike on Monday, the workers'union at Guinea Bauxite Company (CBG) in Boke region, some 300 km north of Conakry,...

French Investigators Rule Out Engine Failure in Sinai Crash

Other French officials said the flight data recorder suggested a “violent, sudden” explosion caused the crash, killing all 224 people on board. Intercepted militant calls...

BAE pumps huge resources into new space revolutionary engine

Reaction Engines’ design concept for a space launch vehicle. BAE is paying £20.6m for the stake in Reaction Engines, which is developing a hybrid...

Dynamic Airways Boeing 767 Engine Catches Fire Just Before Take Off

The plane belongs to a small charter airline Authorities have said all passengers were evacuated safely, though some may have sustained injuries. The fire was...

DFID provides support for businesses

Mr Francis Opoku-Mensah, Enterprise Finance Manager for ENGINE Investors and Financing Dialogue, addressing the third edition of the Investor and Network Dialogue Session in...

?ENGINE? to provide more support for start ?up businesses

TechnoServe, in 2014 launched a new multi-year enterprise development programme to be implemented across the country dubbed Enhancing Growth in New Enterprises (ENGINE). The...

ENGINE Equips Entrepreneurs For Economic Growth In Ghana

Seventy Six Entrepreneurs have been inducted into Enhancing Growth in New Enterprises (ENGINE) Alumni Network. These Entrepreneurs under the ENGINE Scale UPII were also awarded. The...

Penplusbytes to hold Search Engine Optimization Training for professionals

The value of having websites highly ranked and visible in search engine results is a priority of most results oriented professionals and organisations. Boosting online/web...

Data Confirms Taiwan TransAsia Pilot Took the Wrong Engine

Forty-three people died when the ATR 72-600 aircraft, which can fly with one engine, ended up in a river. The report says that in a...

NASA tries the fastest travelling engine

The concept of an EmDrive engine is relatively simple. It provides thrust to a spacecraft by bouncing microwaves around in a closed container....

$9.2bn engine order for Rolls-Royce

It will be the first time the engineering giant has made engines for the Gulf carrier?s super-jumbo fleet. The news boosted Rolls-Royce?s share price after...

Train Involved In Accident At Tesano

There was commotion on the Nsawam-Accra bound passenger train on Thursday when part of the train disentangled at Tesano in Accra. The train separated at...

Holidaymakers on board the Boudicca ship safe

Holidaymakers on board the Boudicca were told to don life jackets and gather at emergency muster stations, according to the son of one passenger. The...

Cape Verde’s ministers eyes ADB top job

The Ghana News Agency (GNA) recently got the rare privilege of having a Q&A interaction with Cristina Duarte, the Minister of Finance and Planning,...

The Spark Plug and Faulty Engine Itself Needed Change

By Okwudili Edeh Like the chicken impeachment itself, the recent swearing in of ex-Deputy Governor,?Sunday?Onyebuchi?s successor did not go without a sad drama. Governor Sullivan...
Wpid Bright X

Ronnie Held Buk Bak Togather

It?s been days since Ronnie, the other half of hiplife group, Buk Bak, departed into eternity. Bright, the group?s other unit is still...
Wpid Exhaust Fumes

Couple Dies Doing Their Own Thing In A Car

This is tragic!!! A man and a woman are said to have died of carbon monoxide poisoning after having sex in a car while...

Nigeria Plane Crash Blamed on Human Error

A preliminary report released Friday by the Accident Investigation and Prevention Bureau (AIPB) has revealed that a plane crash that occurred barely two...

Engine Failure, Cause of Nigeria Plane Crash

The corpse of the former governor of Ondo State, Agagu has been transferred to another plane of onward journey to Akure, the Ondo...

New Vector Engine Embedded Microcontroller for Toshiba

?Toshiba Corporation?(TOKYO:6502) today announced that it has today started mass production of its new vector engine embedded microcontroller, ?TMPM375FSDMG? for motor applications, the latest...

Engine Of Antrak Air Catches Fire In The Air

Passengers aboard an Antrak Air flight from Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana to the capital Accra escaped death when the pilot navigated...

Unreal Engine 4 support for Epic Games

Epic Games isn't just offering up its ubiquitous current-gen game creation tool Unreal Engine 3 to Oculus Rift developers, but also its next-gen tool,...

Online Motel Booking Engine Make reservation easy

With technology being implemented into most of the business activities across the world hospitality industry too isn?t far away when it comes to buying...


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