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Upper West NYA find ways to bridge the gender inequality gap

The National Youth Authority (NYA) in Upper West has inaugurated a network of young women who are to be empowered to champion gender inequality...
A Libya Dawn tank fires near Libya's capital city of Tripoli, on March 11, 2015. Clashes erupted on Wednesday between Libya Dawn militants and pro-government forces in the Ajaylat area some 80 kilometers west of Tripoli. (Xinhua/Hamza Turkia)

Libya find ways to make Tripoli a secured city

The Libyan Interior Ministry on Saturday completed preparation of a joint security and military plan to secure the capital Tripoli, a few days after...
A cancer cell (Image from

Researchers in Australia find ways to preventing mutation, spreading of cancer

Australian scientists have made a breakthrough in preventing cancer from mutating in the body. The team from Melbourne's Olivia Newton-John (ONJ) Cancer Wellness and Research...

Traders demand Ghana government find solutions to Accra flooding

The authorities should, therefore, find ways of directing the rain water into appropriate receptacles or destinations to save the city from flooding during the...