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Five-member committee to advise GFA on the autonomy of the league

The Executive Council of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), will soon announce a five-member committee to advise it on making the Ghana Premier League...
National Paralympic Committee

NPC Congress Will Be Under the Leadership of 5-Member Committee

A five-member committee, has been formed by the Executive Board of the National Paralympic Committee (NPC), to supervise the organisation of a congress for...
Land Committee

Ministry Forms 5-Member Committee to Probe State Lands Sale

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, on Friday, inaugurated a Five-Member Committee to investigate the wanton sale of State and Public lands between...

Ghana set to review wages of top political office holders

The committee, inaugurated by President John Dramani Mahama, will determine the salaries of Article 71 office holders who include the Executive, Legislature and judiciary,...

Ministry Receives Starbow Committee Preliminary Report

Speaking during the presentation of the preliminary report, Air Commodore Kwame Mamphey, Chairman of the Committee, said the actual report would be presented...

PIC Is Confronted By Several Challenges-Chairman

Mr. Aloysius Denkabe, Chairman of the Public Interest Committee (PIC) of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), has said his outfit was ?still-born?. The GFA, in...

Five Member Committee Constituted To Probe GYEEDA

A five-member committee has been constituted by the government to investigate alleged corruption which has roll-out in the media reports in recent times concerning...