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Malaysia Airlines

Hopes dying out on finding missing flight 370

The underwater hunt of a punishing patch of ocean that has trudged along since late 2014 has thus far come up empty, the stretch...
Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

Control of MH370 was ceased-Tim Clark

Tim Clark, CEO of Emirates Airlines, had quite a bit to say about the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 when discussing the flight with German...
Missing Malaysia Flight 370 Could Have Been Caught in 4-Minute Spiral

Hollywood set to release movie on Flight 370

While the Australian military continue to search the southern Indian Ocean for the wreckage of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, producers in Hollywood are...
An Indonesian National Search and Rescue Agency boat searches around the northern tip of Sumatra for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 on Monday

There was no phone calls from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

It's a popular question on?social media: Why didn't passengers on board the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 make mobile calls? Many recall that when United...