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A service counter is set up on September 20, 2017, to offer efficient one-stop services for foreign talents. (Photo from z-innoway.com)

Beijing draft plans to entice foreign talents for its Silicon Valley

Beijing government rolled out 20 new measures in a recently released policy paper to woo overseas talents to its high-tech hub Zhongguancun, known as...
Metha Wanapat, expert from Thailand, is given the confirmation letter for high-level foreign talents on March 1, which is the first issued by Yunnan Provincial Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. He was employed as foreign expert by the Academe of Grassland and Animal Science, Yunnan based on a talent introduction program of the province in 2017. (Photo from website of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs)

China Seeks to Entice Foreign Talents Through Its New Visa System

All the places across China, starting from March 1, have been required to adopt a new policy that allows easier visa permits for foreign...
Roger Detels, a 2016 Friendship Award winner, also a professor in the Department of Epidemiology at University of California at Los Angeles, gives a lecture to Chinese students. (Photo from State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs)

China develops conducive policies to attract more foreign talents

The Chinese government, in the past years, has launched a series of programs to introduce overseas high-end talents and improve China’s scientific research environment....