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1,302 SHS students in Tema complained of headaches in 2019

One thousand, three hundred and two senior high school students in the Tema Metropolis reported sick with headaches at the various school bays in...

Patience is essential to daily life

By Esogibe Ikenna It is a clear fact that patience is essential to daily life and remains the master key to a happy one. Having...

Lupus has been a silent killer in Ghana

“Lupus has been a mystery and a silent killer in our society for a long time. OYEMAM believes that the time to give it...
Sam Bediako-Asante

The Curse of Ghanaian Businesses Now are Mergers and Acquisition Headaches

By Sam Bediako-Asante In Ghana, and in most developing countries, there is no denying the fact that Small and Medium-scale enterprises play major roles in...

Ex-Gitmo Detainees And Mahama’s Sleepless Nights

Don’t fix it when it is not broken, so a popular saying goes. Similarly, don’t go looking for trouble when there is none. Yes, one...

APC on suicide mission

There is no doubt that the scenario at the inauguration of the 8th Assembly which finally paved way for the emergence of Dr. Bukola...

John Mahama?s Reshuffle Headaches

By Chris Mensah Dekportor Reshuffle of ministers are not unusual in any Government. Indeed they are a necessity when executed with a mission to revitalize...

Prepaid mobile phone plans, and Prepaid SIM plans,

Prepaid mobile phone plans, and Prepaid SIM plans, almost always save consumers money, sometimes five hundred dollars a year or more. SIM plans, by...

A study has it that s*x can cure Ones headaches

Next time your partner begs out of sexy time with a ?headache,? tell them that slapping bellies will cure what ails them. That?s right:...