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Zambia health minister says COVID-19 to worsen non-communicable diseases, urges healthier lifestyle

Zambian health minister Chitalu Chilufya said on Monday the COVID-19 pandemic will worsen non-communicable diseases, calling for a healthier lifestyle to lessen the impact. ...

If Countries Act Now, Children Born Today Could Be Healthier, Wealthier, More Productive

New World Bank research released today gives policymakers compelling evidence that delivering better outcomes in children’s health and learning can significantly boost the incomes...

In building a greener, healthier and a more beautiful Ghana

Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Vancouver are all cities in Europe but that is not all they have in common. These cities are all rated...

Healthier lifestyles ?could cut cancer cases by a third?

Exercise is an important way of keeping fit and cutting body fat, which is linked to the risk of developing cancerData from the...

Ministry distributes gas cylinders and stoves for Savelugu residents

Mr Emmanuel Armah-Kofi Buah, Minister of Petroleum on Friday launched the Rural Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Promotion Programme at Savelugu in the Northern Region...

Why Are breakfast cereals healthier

Did you know that even a bowlful of ?healthy??breakfast cereals?could add to your calorie count?Doctors, for sometime now, have debated on the permissible level...

Healthier Christmas dinners

Christmas is a time for indulgence; a time to be thankful and celebrate simple pleasures in life ? including family, friends and food! But...

10 ways to make your day healthier

Like most things worth having, a healthy lifestyle sadly won?t fall into your lap without any effort. To make healthy lifestyle choices a regular...