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Alex Richard

How to Optimize Social Media Advertising for Maximum Profits, as per Alex Richard

Social media has rapidly taken over the world in just under two decades. Today, 7 out of 10 Americans use social media. People have...
COVID-19 screening center

How a Chinese city with 18 million people conducts COVID-19 screening

The southern Chinese city of Guangzhou is screening all its 18 million residents for COVID-19, after a recent resurgence of the pandemic.

How to Bounce Back from Failure

“Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.” -Nelson Mandela Frederick Van Rensselaer...
Jake Shaw

Jake Shaw: How COVID-19 Changed How We View Music, Possibly Forever

The world continues to reel from the impact of a once-in-a-generation pandemic. Few industries have had it as rough as the music industry, as...
Nissan Trains 12 Young Technicians

12 Ghanaian Trainees to Graduate from Nissan Plant in South Africa

On Thursday, 12 Ghanaian technicians will be graduating from Nissan’s plant, ready to spearhead the launch of Nissan’s assembly plant in their own country. For...
Real Estate Training

How to Add Value and Earn More from Your Old Property 

By Chris Nii Abbosey If you have been reading my articles on real estate, you will know that Ghanaians value property and have lots...
Allan Hu

Allan Hu on How Traveling can help develop your Business Perspective

Whether you are a 9-to-5 worker exploring how to become a freelancer, a full-time employee seeking to scale up your career or become a...
Kelsey Kaplan

How Kelsey Kaplan Built a Fashion Empire

Nearly everybody uses social media in some way these days. Whether it’s for staying in contact with friends and family, or shopping and keeping...
Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan on How to Leave Behind a Legacy

Generational wealth can be defined as “assets passed down from one generation to another.” The goal for many people who start a family is...
Myles Kronman

How Myles Kronman changed tracks to follow his passion

Myles Kronman started his latest agency for affiliate marketing in 2020 during the pandemic. It shows his willingness to take risks and sniff out...
Jeff Lerner

Jeff Lerner on How You Can Transform Your Life Through the 3 Ps of...

The pursuit of excellence presents a long and arduous journey through a jagged path: one abandoned by many. Determined to enliven spirits and inspire...
Dr. Jonathan Kaplan

How Dr. Jonathan Kaplan Builds Explicit Trust With His Patients

Understanding how the world has changed because of COVID-19 means observing the spread of the virus in populations. Medical News Today notes that the...
Bryan Michael Nolan

How Bryan Michael Nolan Has Come to Dominate the Nightlife Industry

While some entrepreneurs have multiple interests, others have a single niche. Entrepreneur and investor Bryan Michael Nolan found enormous success in what he knows...
John Aaron

How to Make the Best of the Pandemic Situation to Boost Your Growth, as...

The real estate industry is a challenging sector to succeed in for entrepreneurs. We have so many new and old companies competing in buying...
Goh En Wei Mervyn

Find out how Mervyn developed a passion for digital protection and cybersecurity

Young minds are light bulbs awaiting to be used tomorrow. If you are keen, you will notice that in the current trends, young people...
Isabella Garofanelli

How to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business? Isabella Garofanelli Shares Pro Tips

Social media marketing has become one of the dominant mediums to connect with audiences. It is free, and it has the possibility of reaching...
Lifestyle Miami

A Closer Look At How Lifestyle Miami Helped Small Businesses Survive Amidst The COVID-19...

Miami is a metropolis, a sprawling city with a famous skyline made up of sleek office tower blocks. In a large metropolitan city like...
Bob Myers

How COVID-19 Has Transformed the World around Us, as per Bob Myers 

In early 2020 the world woke up to a shock, and we had a new normal of face masks and all that. COVID-19 has...
Job Interview

How to Land a Job Interview

What is the maximum time recruiters spend on a CV/résumé? I think I should rather ask this question first: are you still wondering why...

How Alisha Gory Is Setting New Standards Of Beauty Through Her Tattoos

In South Korea, tattoos are taboo. This is especially true for women, as the country has a very defined beauty standard. Alisha Gory is...
FILED - If your car just won't start, it's likely the battery. Lots of short journeys and leaving the car stationary for long periods both contribute to a gradual discharge of the battery. Photo: Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/dpa

Take long drives – or: How to keep your car battery healthy

(dpa) — Particularly in colder weather, car batteries can have a tough time. Low temperatures, short journeys and additional electrical loads such as lights...

How Do Business Blogs Work? 

Business blogs are effective even when nobody reads them. Sounds counterintuitive? Showcasing a company's vision, principles, and products is one of their many functions....
Save Money

There is something for everyone; how to shop & save big in Ghana

‘’Times are hard’’, this seems to be the new anthem on everyone's lips these days. With many economies affected and difficulties in movement,...
immune system

Study reveals how royal jelly boosts immune system

Chinese researchers have found how 10-HDA, an active substance only found in natural royal jelly, can boost the immune system. Often referred...
Dry Skin Overnight

How To Cure Dry Skin On Your Face Overnight

Dry, flaky, scaly facial skin is not something you can simply cover up with makeup. In fact, foundation and powder will only accentuate dry...
Organize a Party

How to Organize a Party in Less Than 60 Minutes

‘’There is no party without jollof’’ or ‘’A party without jollof is a conference’’ This is what the foodies often say right? Maybe what they...
German carmaker

How To Change Car Ownership In Ghana

There are several reasons to change car ownership in Ghana. Maybe you decided to sell your car, give the car as a gift, end...

How China, Morocco support each other in fight against COVID-19

China and Morocco have strengthened relations through joint efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. In parallel, their multilayered cooperation in public health, culture and...
(Illustration from People’s Daily Online)

COVID-19: How China fought the war

Wuhan, the hardest hit Chinese city by the COVID-19 outbreak, lifted outbound travel restrictions on April 8. This marks a notable turning point in...
Medical staff work at a traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy in Weinan City, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, Feb. 20, 2020. (Xinhua/Tao Ming)

How China is feeding her people amid coronavirus lockdown

As the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak, Wuhan has been on lockdown for nearly a month. But the over 10 million people in...