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Malawians: Corpses Do Not Turn Into Lions And Other Animals

Even the dead are not spared. Abuses are extended to corpses. Dead bodies are targeted and violated due to irrational beliefs in Malawi. This...
Muhammadu Buhari

Buhari: State Institutions, Mismanagement of Insecurities and Ethno-Religious Vendetta

Nigeria is a deeply divided country and a nation that is polarized along ethnic and religious lines. Even though the various ethnic and religious...

AFAW Welcomes the Arrest of Prophet Onyeze Jesus in Anambra

The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW) welcomes the arrest of the notorious Anambra pastor, Onyebuchi Okocha (A. K. A. Onyeze Jesus). The police in...

The Necessity of Teaching Critical Thinking in African Schools

The realization of a more critical thinking African society must start in the schools and with the schools because schools are spaces where values,...
Uganda Map

AFAW Welcomes Closure of Faith Healing Church in Uganda

The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AFAW) commends the Ugandan authorities for closing down an evangelical church in Kampala where a pastor "treated" people with...
Joshua's anointing water

TB Joshua and COVID-19 Anointing Water

The National Center for Disease Control and the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 should take punitive measures against Nigerian televangelist and the founder of...
Witch Persecution

Witch Persecution and State of Emergency in Malawi

The Advocacy for Alleged Witches(AFAW) urges the government of Malawi to declare a state of emergency on witch persecution in the country. This measure...
Aged Men Of Idiaba Ikot Udotan In Nsit Atai Local Government Area Of Akwa Ibom State Rounded Up As Wizards Tortured At The Last Christmas

Witchcraft and Magic: Human Beings Cannot Metamorphose Into Other Animals

The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AFAW) declares that human beings cannot turn into other animals as popularly believed. That those who entertain this notion...
Alleged Witches in Malawi

Witch killing: When Will Enough Be Enough in Malawi?

Some days ago, an advocate against witch persecution in Malawi shared this report on a WhatsApp group: "Mother Killed Over Witchcraft Allegations in Karonga,...
Alleged Witches in Malawi

No Safe Place for Alleged Witches in the Central African Republic

An Al Jazeera report has revealed the dangers that alleged witches face in the Central African Republic. But is that really news? Not at...

Prayer on vaccine: South Africa Should Call Justice Mogoeng to Order

My attention has been drawn to a recent prayer by the South African Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng on the COVID-19 vaccine. Mogoeng has, at...
Remedial Schools

Critical Thinking: Fostering Curiosity and Questioning Skills in African Schools

Can critical thinking be taught in primary schools? Is it possible to get children at early stages of their education to exercise their critical...

Islamic Separatism and Its Treasonable Impact on Nigeria

When French President Emmanuel Macron warned against the threat of Islamic separatism, there were angry reactions across the Muslim world. Leaders of Muslim majority...
Alleged Witches in Malawi

Religion and Human Rights Abuses: Combating Islamic Extremism and Witch Persecution in Africa

Events in the past few months have compelled a rethink of the link between religion and human rights. Protests across the Muslim world over...

Is Homosexuality a Western Import into Africa?

There have been reports of persecution, prosecution, torture and jailing of gay persons in many African countries. These reports have shown that homosexuals have...
Critical Reasoning

Thought Project: Dare To Question

Today I announce an exciting program for schools in Nigeria, the Thought Project. The objective of this project is to foster critical and creative...
Wpid Jamaatu Nasril Islam

Can Non-Belief and Islam Co-exist in Black Communities?

The growing visibility of nonbelief in the black community is a welcome development especially in challenging the stereotype that conflates being black and being...
Malawi President Elect Lazarus Chakwera

President Chakwera: End Witch Bloodletting In Malawi

The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AFAW) urges the new president of Malawi, Lazarus Chakwera, to take urgent steps to end the incessant killing of...

NCDC: Sanction Clerics Who Make COVID-19 Faith Healing Claims

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) should put in place measures to punish all clerics- pastors and prophets, mallams/imams, traditional priests, and others...

Imperative of Criticizing of Religion in Africa

Africa has been designated as a deeply religious society. An African scholar, John Mbiti described Africans as notoriously religious. He stated that religion permeated...
witch camp

Ending Witch Persecution and Gender-based Violence in Nigeria

There has been a nationwide protest against gender-based violence in Nigeria. This protest has been used to raise awareness about rape, and to mobilize...
Mapping Africa

De-Mythologizing Prophet Muhammad and African Decolonization Project

While discussions on decolonization of Africa have mainly focused on politics and economics, little attention has been paid to the issue of religion especially...
Alleged Witches in Malawi

Alleged Witches in Malawi: From State Prisons to Sing’anga Prisons

Malawi is one of the countries in Africa where witch persecution is pervasive. Alleged witches suffer egregious human rights abuses including stoning, lynching and...
Muslim Youth

Atheist Sallah Message to Muslims

I am writing to extend warm greetings to all Muslims across the country on the occasion of Eid-el-Fitr, being aware this message may come...

COVID19: Pastor Died and Pastor Wants to Die

Recently a pastor died. A Cameroonian faith healer, Prophet Frankline Ndifor died a week after battling with the coronavirus. Ndifor's death is linked to...

COVID-19 and Snake Oil Salesmanship in Nigeria

As the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, and the search for a vaccine continues, many people are gullible and are easily swayed by...

Police: Where is Mubarak Bala?

As it stands now, the fate of Mubarak Bala, Nigerian humanist who was arrested last week is unknown. Nobody is sure if Mr. Bala...

Insulting Prophets: Between Islamic Totalitarianism and Tolerant Pluralism

The arrest Mubarak Bala has compelled a revisit of the issue of insulting prophets. Some muslims filed a petition complaining that Mubarak Bala insulted...

Mubarak Bala: Speak Out Against Religious Tyranny in Kano

Today marks a week since the police arrested Nigerian humanist Mubarak Bala in Kaduna. They later transferred him to Kano. His arrest was over...

Persecution of ‘Destiny-Thieves’ Must Stop

The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AFAW) condemns in very strong terms the torture and maltreatment of an elderly man for stealing the destinies of...