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Transport Sector

An Improved Transport Sector Will Enhance Domestic Tourism

A white man or African American woman flies into Ghana, stays in a hotel and steps out occasionally in shorts, t-shirt and sunglasses with...

Chelsea partner South African company to inspire local people

Shield South Africa announced a partnership with English Premier League Champions Chelsea Football Club on Monday to celebrate and inspire South Africans who are...

Some common Ghanaian weekend hobbies

In order to blend well and adjust when travelers visit a new country, they need to have forehand information about the day-to-day activities of...
Rift Valley Fever

Yellow fever panic under control in Angola

"The yellow fever, which had panicked the country since last December was apparently under control after massive vaccination campaigns were conducted in the capital...

A massage shop starts traditional Chinese treatments in Togo

The parlor, which opened two years ago, receives roughly eight patients per day, and provides a wide range of traditional Chinese therapies, including moxibustion,...

Sino-Latam Agricultural Cooperation Gains Ground

By Xinhua writers Wang Zhengrun, Mao Pengfei Route 163 in the State of Mato Gross, west Brazil, becomes one of the busiest roads in...

Public confidence in police waned

Mr Jacob Ahuno, Project Officer of the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), an anti-corruption non-governmental organisation, has appealed to the leadership of the police service...

Kind Monkey Shares Stolen Money With People

A monkey, given the nickname "Robin Hood" by local people, has showered stolen banknotes onto lucky passers-by in the northern Indian hill town of...