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premier league

Premier League sets new rules to prevent European Super League repeat

The Premier League has taken action to prevent its clubs threatening to break away again in response to the failed European Super League plans. Six...

Italy emerging on front lines of Europe’s privacy clash with WhatsApp over new rules

Italy's privacy regulator on Friday formally opened up a probe into the policies of digital messaging app WhatsApp, a day after the entity called...
An explosion occurs at a fuel station in north Accra, capital of Ghana, Oct. 7, 2017. The explosion happening late Saturday left at least two people dead. (Xinhua/Shi Song) (yk)

Occupyghana® Proposes New Rules On Gas Dispensing

The explosion and fire that occurred at the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) dispensing station at the Atomic Junction on the night of October 7th,...
AFP/File / Paul J. Richards Volkswagen's net profit slumped by 20.1% to 2.31 billion euros in the period from January to March, on a 3.4-percent decline in sales to 50.96 billion euros

EU lawmakers push for new rules on car approvals after Dieselgate scandal

Lawmakers of the European Union (EU) Thursday requested to amend the bloc's rules on car approvals in a drive to prevent a recurrence of...

New rules to stop ships bringing marine pests to New Zealand

Ships entering New Zealand waters will have to meet tougher new restrictions on controlling marine pests under international and domestic rules. New...

US cigar factory facing tough times

The 68-year-old Newman says new regulations on cigars expected any day now from the US Food and Drug Administration could snuff out his 130-year-old...

Nairobi hand cart pushers make brisk business amid new rules

by Bedah Mengo Motorists in Kenyan capital Nairobi loathe them because they are carelessly driven on the road, inconveniencing others, while authorities want...
European Union

EU Parliament Pass New Rules On Cross-border & Domestic Card Payments

The fees that banks charge retailers to process shoppers' payments will be capped, following a vote Tuesday in the European Parliament (EP). Under new EU-wide...

Local leaders in Manila defend new rules

Local leaders in Manila have defended new rules that restrict access of heavy vehicles to the capital?s streets, saying the scheme will encourage smoother...