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The mandatory tow levy won’t solve the problems on our roads

Ghana is struggling to disentangle itself from the shackles of road carnage. If this not true, why are people dying needlessly through fatal vehicular...

Kassena-Nankana: Chief calls for rehabilitation of road

He said the people in the area are currently unable to transport the large quantities of produce made annually to other parts of the...

The Agony Of Bullion Vans On Our Roads

By Joe Onwukeme Gone are the days when financial instititions transfer hard currencies from one institution to another almost unnoticed, the seemingly inexorable rise in...

Too Many Lives Are Lost On Our Roads, What Has Been Done So Far?

Too Many Accidents On Our Roads: The Way Forward   By Honourable Saka ?Germs don?t kill Africans; only cars do? -Anonymous. If road crashes kill more people...