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South African Police Car Masoyi

74 percent of South Africans experience police corruption

A research by the Corruption Watch released on Thursday shows that South Africans are concerned with the level of corruption in the police force. ...

South Africa lauds Nigeria’s anti-corruption effort

The South African government on Friday lauded Nigeria's ongoing efforts at fighting corruption. Speaking in Lagos, Nigeria's commercial hub, the South African High Commissioner to...
Picture of Police personnel

Police Corruption and Road Safety Don’t Mix Well

? the watchman in league with the ?thief?? Police corruptibility has become steeply rooted in the psyche of the Ghanaian. That perception has been buttressed...

Human Rights Activists Suspect Officers For Illegally Detaining People

Two Rwandan police officers were arrested Thursday in connection with the killing of anti-corruption activist Gustave Makonene last year, police said. International human rights groups...