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Stephen Kwaku Asare Professor

Ghana’s Courts must do more to boost public confidence in this era of excessive...

At a time when we have become excessively partisan, it is of utmost importance that people maintain confidence in the judiciary’s neutrality to resolve...
Dominic Ayine And Martin Amidu

Ayine v Amidu case calls for an amendment of mandatory retirement law

I woke up to the news that the Supreme Court (SC) has decided the Ayine v Amidu case by a 5?2 majority against the...
Supreme Court Judges

The Supreme Court’s decision was 100% legal

I have read several reportage pieces on the quashing of the current admissions protocol to the Ghana Law School by the Akuffo-presided Supreme Court,...
Kwaku Asare

Prof. Kwaku Asare tows the low cost path on Montie 3

He is one the admirable legal minds in civil and human rights advocacy in Ghana’s media and political culture. But his Facebook post’s reaction...

When The Constitution Clashes With Common Sense

Intellectually Unintelligent, Prof. Kwaku Asare Nov. 7, 2014 Like him or not, Prof. Kwaku Asare is quite a remarkable legal light insofar as Ghana's Fourth-Republican Constitution...

Kwaku Asare Bucks the NDC Bully Juggernaut

Bravo, Prof. Kwaku Asare! July 16, 2014   It ought not to have gotten this abjectly far, but I must confess to having read the news article...