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Mr Joshua Fugah

Embrace entrepreneurial skills training for self-employment – Financial Expert

Mr. Joshua Fugah, a financial expert, has inspired the youth to put a premium on the acquisition of entrepreneurial and vocational skills training. ...

Kenyan disabled females seek self-employment to beat poverty

People living with disabilities in Kenya find it hard to secure formal employment despite being skilled and ready to work, realities pushing them to...
Methodist Church Ghana

Kumasi: Methodist youth undergo skills training

Over one thousand youth of the Kumasi Diocese of the Methodist Church, Ghana (MCG), have in the last five years been trained and equipped...

Addressing Ghana’s Institutional Failures

In Ghana, our main impairments are failures of institutions and leaders. Help me to outline these problems and also provide possible solutions to them. If...

Provide solutions to youth unemployment

Massive youth unemployment of 60% in Ghana is defined as among those aged 15 to 25 years of age. The rate is even higher...

Self-employment alluring to Kenyan educated youth

by Bedah Mengo After completing college six years ago, David Mwango landed a job after two years following a struggle that saw him do...