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Ghana Government Urged to Implement A Simple Tax System

Dr Isaac Nyame, a Consultant with the Private Enterprise Federation (PEF), has called on government to implement simple tax system to help improve the...

The Story Behind Miriam Afari’s Ashese Nyame Song

Life can be complicated, it can be simple, it can be happy or sad, it can also be tough. Life has its own ups...
Bees help pollinate around 80 percent of all species of flowering plants, so without them many fruits and vegetables would be unable to reproduce (AFP Photo/Jack Guez)

New Zealand scientists turn up heat on honey-bee killer

Preliminary results from a pilot study by scientists at the government's Plant and Food Research institute indicated that a breakthrough has been made in...

FBNBANK To Offer New Bills Payment Services

The partnership is also, among others, meant to enhance customers’ experience through convenient banking service. The eTranzact platform provides FBNBank Ghana with the ability...

Ayariga: I got a perfect victory

The presidential candidate of the All People’s Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga, has welcomed the judgement by the High Court, ordering the Electoral Commission...

Local developer could help EC to check erased NHIS card holders

The portal, machecki.com, makes it easy for voters both home and abroad to check if their name is included in the list of 56,000...

Make mathematics teachings very lively

Mr. William Boakye-Baafi, Coordinator of the Association of Catholic Teachers, said every effort must be made to demystify the subject and help students to...

Yvonne Nelson Sparkled in Red At The Premiere of Beautiful Ruins Movie

Yvonne Nelson stepped out Friday evening to the premiere of Eddie Nartey’s latest movie-Beautiful Ruins looking simple yet classy in her red Aqua dress...

Mark Rober shows the easiest way to peel a watermelon

Mark Rober, who operates the Creativity Design Science Channel on Youtube has?disclosed an amazing yet simple way to remove the? skin?of?a?watermelon in just four...

Abeiku Santana’s Interview With British High Commissioner To Ghana

Ace radio presenter, Gilbert Aggrey popularly known as Abeiku Santana on Tuesday, 18 June 2015 had an exclusive chat with British High Commissioner to...

Lloyds Banking Group chalks 21 percent of profit in growth

Lloyds Banking Group, one of British major high street banks, Friday announced that its underlying profit in the first quarter of 2015 was 2.18...

You Need A Nigga That Values You – Rihanna

Rihanna gives the ladies some serious relationship advice! The beautiful Rihanna actually has a thing for the ladies.? ?Although fans believe she is a good...
Jamaludeen A. Abdullah

Simple, Mahama is corrupt!

In years gone by, the elderly were considered to be repositories of knowledge and wisdom. This fact was much?pronounced during the 8-year successful reign...

Nigerian Politicians will fail any day at law

By Anthony A. Kila What do you think is the main problem facing Nigeria? Yes, you are not the only that think so. Go to any...

Thieves often steal vehicles just to strip them of their parts

Niyi Omo-OkiriCar theft is nothing new because everything of value attracts thieves and therefore extra care must be taken to prevent the loss...

Breast-i,device to detect breast cancer

A simple, portable, said to be safe and less costly, easy-to-use device that could make breast cancer detection possible is to be introduced to...

Davido vs Wizkid vs Olamide Who Wore Native Attire Well

Wizkid is known for his trendiness, Davido is known for his flashiness, and Olamide is known for his ruggedness. Each of them use their...

A Simple Advice to Ghanaian Importers

Until when are Ghanaian importers going to realise that they cannot have their cake and eat it? Their too many cries and complaining will...

Look Sexier In Your Ghanaian Body

A few small lifestyle changes can go a long, long way in helping you get fitter for a healthier tomorrow. Here are simple ways...

Ways to optimize your walks for good health

The human body is made to move, but in today?s world, we don?t do nearly enough of it: As many as 50 million Americans, according...

Mobile Users Rely On Simple Security Methods

Nearly 80 percent of smartphone and tablet users choose simple pass codes to protect their devices from unauthorized use, according to an analysis released...

Steps to a faster computer

One of the best things about a new computer is the speed. It boots fast, opens programs like a dream and generally doesn?t leave...

Make Your Mornings Better the simple way

Given that you?ll have approximately?25,000 mornings?to wake up to as an adult, you might as well make sure you?re getting the most out of...

Obey These 3 simple rules of a relationship

Three rules in?relationships:?don?t lie, don?t cheat and don?t make promises you can?t keep.

Pastor Otabil Says Ghana Lacks National Vision

Pastor Mensa Otabil says Ghana?s leadership lacks a clear idea to guide the country?s vision and development. ??If you come to me as a Ghanaian...

Google Android 4.3 is Here: Simple and Better Experience

by Sanjay Kumar Negi Android has come a long way since its inception six years ago in 2008 with HTC T-Mobile G1. It has created...

Secret On How To Con A Lady

Sometimes it?s the smallest thing that makes a lasting impression. A single smart comment or a couple of small gestures can really impress a...

Are Your Documents Secure?

Writing a document online, or doing one's work over the internet can be much easier than typing at a manual typewriter, but using the...

Ways To Protect Document Files

Surfing the internet can be fun and exciting, but being connected to anyone, anywhere in the world means that your sensitive documents may theoretically...

Airlock Secure Cloud Hosting launched

Airlock secure cloud servers include multiple firewalls, DDoS prevention,?antivirus and malware scanning, and real-time monitoring Airlock, secure cloud hosting made simple, today announced the launch...