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Psychiatric Hospital Emergency: Staff Use Brooms to Tame Patients

The skeletal staff left at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital are taming the aggressive patients with brooms, Starr News’ Daniel Nii Larety has reported...

Violence at its peak at Benue State in Nigeria ahead of polls

by Freddie Adamgbe There is no denying the fact that Benue State, over time has been notorious for pre-and post election violence resulting in waste...

Nyesom Wike Push Ambition To Become Amaechi Successor

No doubt, the unnecessary veiled animosity between the President, Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi had created the long sought opportunity for the...

Taming The Ghanaian Soldiers

Who has seen Ghanaian soldiers tamed? Neither I nor you, But when the shadow of Rawlings passes by, And the soldiers feel cowed, The soldiers are tamed. Who has...

Rape: Taming The Rising Trend

The upsurge in rape cases across Nigeria has been the subject of frantic media coverage in recent times and considering the rising trend, it...

Taming youth unemployment in Africa

For many Africa?s youth, JOBS are the number JOB for their political leaders. Africa?s youth unemployment challenges encompass more than just the lack of...

Taming The Wild Fires

Within the last few weeks, thousands of Nigerians have been rendered homeless while lives and property worth millions of naira have been lost to...